Pensions – How To Gain Income Sooner

When I started working for the police service I didn’t trust that the government wouldn’t change things in the future in relation to the pension and because of this, I decided to stop paying into it. Instead, I used that money to build up my savings which went into

The Pain of Booking Annual Leave

We all have personal lives, but sometimes the job can forget you actually do especially when you want annual leave. There have been many instances where I would want to book annual leave so that I could go out with friends, go on a trip with my girlfriend or

Family Anniversaries

For those of you who are in a relationship and work within the police service, do you get to spend every anniversary with your partner? Nope, I didn’t either. Myself and my girlfriend Claire, have been together 7 years and it is quite strange to write this now, but

Police Injuries

Sadly, from time to time the majority of officers will get injured whilst on duty in the police service. I have been injured a number of times but there was one injury that stood out because it was new to me. When I was working on shift I got

Start Treating Yourself, You Deserve It!

We all love treating ourselves. But when was the last time you actually did treat yourself? When was the last time you bought yourself a trip away, a new laptop, golf clubs or a spa day for example? I don’t know what you are in to, maybe it is