Meet Kelly…

Meet Kelly. Kelly is an ex-police officer. Kelly left the job after she decided there was more to life. A crappy wage. Missing special moments with family. Constant stress. Little in career advancement. When Kelly left the job to go into business, she was doubted. People told her “She would

5 Skillsets Police Officers Can Use to Build a Business

“Alex, what skillsets do you think I have that I can use to build a business? So that is a great question, that came through not too long ago so I thought I would share with you 5 skillsets that you already possess by being a police officer which

Convenience or Success for Police Officers

So this is a little bit of a well done to a certain few people and police officers. Also at the same time a kick up the ass for others. So now and then we get the question, “When are Shifts to Success coming to London?  When are you

How to Build a Successful Business in 6 Steps | Shifts to Success

The premise of my book is explaining the six-step method you’ll need to develop to build a business correctly, safely and much quicker! So when you decide to go into business my assumption is that you will do all that you can to ensure it is successful right? Well,