Shifts to Success

The UK’s leading business training company for ex and serving police officers. Our team comprises multiple award-winning business mentors and coaches who have worked with over 1,125 clients combined to help them achieve remarkable results in business.

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Still serving in the Force?

You’re a police officer but you don’t see a future remaining where you are. You’re open to new careers or opportunities but you’re feeling stuck and don’t know how to take the first step.

Just left the police force?

You’ve already made the jump and left the Force but now you’re unsure what to do. You have a skillset you’re not sure how to apply to a new career and you’re looking for support finding a new path.

Already have a business?

You’ve left the police force and struck out on your own in business… but it’s not quite as you expected. It seems like more of a struggle than it should be and you just need some guidance to get things going as they should.

Whatever situation you’re in, Shifts to Success is here to support you through our events, training and mentorship programmes.


Success QuickStart Day

The Success QuickStart Day is where you will get a taste of how you can build a successful business beyond the police force. Each of our highly experienced mentors will give you practical actions to implement so you can take the right steps towards building your very own successful business and living life on your terms.

Shifts to Success Accelerator

The full and remarkable year-long business accelerator for ex & serving police officers. On completing this course, you will do a lot more of what you enjoy, more of what you are good at and be much better rewarded for your efforts, both personally and financially.

Shifts to Success is a business training company that specialises in operating structured business programmes exclusively for ex and serving police officers. We help you build successful businesses with entrepreneurial ideas that are fun and respectable, and ultimately allowing you to live life on your terms with more income, time and passion.

Our Client’s Companies:

MyOhMy Weddings
Be My Guest
The Dogs Code
Ask Property
Buddy's Beats




The Police Officer Scorecard Quiz will help you discover if you are ready for a new life beyond the police force. The quiz presents 25 ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions and produces a scorecard based on the answers given. Results will show you just how ready you are for a shift to success.