Are you

Do you crave

More freedom

More family time

More “ME” time

More money

More autonomy

More flexibility

The ability to make plans

More “normality”

Better health and sleep

Being rewarded for your efforts

We understand and that’s why we want to help you 


If changing your future is a priority but you , we've got you.

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designed to help you kickstart your business and TURN YOUR IDEAS INTO REALITY.

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Accelerator 2.5
£ 250
Monthly for 12 Months
  • Deposit Required: £500 + VAT

Option 2

Accelerator 2.5
£ 199
Monthly for 18 Months
  • Deposit Required: £250 + VAT
  • The Accelerator 2.5 our 24/7 online portal with comprehensive modules,lessons,tasks and downloadable resources
  • Weekly Mentor Masterclasses with Experts in their field
  • Monthly group accountability sessions with one of our dedicated Accountability Coaches
  • Accountability buddy system
  • Mastermind sessions with Founder Alexander Seery
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Invitations to bonus Masterclasses with expert Speakers
  • Our remarkable private members community ; 24/7 supportive member only facebook community with direct access to business experts and mentors

You will make steps toward changing your life and your future, with all the exceptional support we can offer.

The opportunity to join our Accelerator is only for those who pass our selection criteria.

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Katie was a serving PC with 14 years of combined service. She is the founder of The Dogs Code, a specialised dog training and behaviour company that specifically works with Daschunds and their owners.

"After reading 'Police Officer to Entrepreneur' and attending the Success QuickStart day, I joined the Shifts to Success Accelerator. The Team has absolutely blown my mind and equipped me with insight that allowed me to build a business, doing something I love, right from scratch, without any prior business experience.

My personal and company brand is thriving within my industry and my client base is growing week by week. I believe this is thanks to my personal growth and increased confidence I've found since joining Shifts to Success. If you're thinking of joining, just do it. It has been life changing!"

Rob was a serving PC for 10 years. He now owns businesses called the Martial Arts Center and Precise Property.

"I was looking for an alternative career to policing as the job I joined wasn't the same job anymore. I was highly stressed and miserable with my work as a Police Officer. I decided to go into business for myself but I quickly realised I didn't know what I was doing and that I was making costly mistakes. I decided to invest in myself and my business by joining the Shifts to Success Accelerator and I have not looked back. Not only did I scale my martial arts business to £70,000 per annum, but I gave myself the financial independence I needed which allowed me to resign as a Police Officer. The transition to a full-time business owner was smooth. I have even started my second business - helping property investors get a great return on their money. My only regret is not joining Shifts to Success sooner! Thank you Alex and the Team!"




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