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The one-year Shifts to Success Accelerator programme is designed to take you on a journey from where you are now to owning a highly successful, growing business generating at least £83,000 per year. 

Our next Cohort starts in April 2019.

Steven was a PC and left the force 7 years ago. He is now the founder of BIGDaddy PR.

“After leaving the force it took me a while to look for other opportunities and I wasted a lot of my time. I really wish I’d had the Shifts to Success Business Accelerator when I first began in building my business. It really would have saved me, time, money and energy. Knowing what I know now, the Shifts to Success method for building a business provides great stepping stones to success after leaving the police force.”
Kul retired from being a superintendent for 32 years. He is now the founder of Ignite your Inner Potential.
“I know how difficult it can be to adjust to the business world. I wish the Shifts to Success course was around when I left the job so I could learn from people who know what it takes to achieve business success. Instead I took ages and made many more mistakes trying to figure it all out by myself.”

During the programme, we focus on helping you achieve the three key milestones of the Shift to Success Accelerator journey.

How to apply for the Shifts to Success programme

The Shifts to Success programme is only open to applications from highly motivated and determined candidates who are committed to building and growing a successful business within a year.

Because of the nature of the accelerator, we have strict criteria over who we accept to the programme and would invite you to book a strategy call with our friendly team if you are interested in joining a future Cohort.

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