Absolutely not!  You do not need to leave the police service to build a successful business.  In fact, most of our clients are building their business right now whilst working full time as police officers.  Shifts to Success encourages you to use your rest days and turn them into Success Days, utilising that time you have to move your business forward and get you closer to your goals – be it to achieve financial independence, leaving the police to go part-time or even just to give yourself more options for the future.  Whatever it may be for you, you do not need to leave the police service.

There’s actually an added benefit to staying in the police while you build your business – it eliminates any possible income risk for you – if your business takes a bit longer to for you to get results, that’s okay because you still have an income from your job.

  1. Workshops with each of our team of Mentors, who take you through important learnings related to our six-step methodology: ideas, planning, branding, implementation, products and sales.  On the workshop day, you will learn all you need to know, have opportunity to ask questions and get live feedback.  You will also create an action lists at the end of each day so that you can go out and start implementing the knowledge you gained.
  2. 24/7 access Online Portal which contains every bit of knowledge that you’ve gained from the workshops, and more.  There’s no time restriction because it’s online so you can review content again and again until you get everything you need from it.  It’s broken down into bite size modules so that you can take things one step at a time.  There are also cheat sheets, resources downloads and even a recording of each Workshop Masterclass.  You can also drop in comments or questions to the portal as you go. 
  3. Breakthrough Webinars are amazing!  They take place in-between your Workshops.  What happens in these webinars is that you send your questions in, questions about anything that you’re struggling with in your business, things that you want to know or challenges and frustrations that you may have going on.  One of the team of Mentors will answer your questions live on a webinar, which you can attend from your computer at home.  Your questions will be answered during the webinar so that you can move on, move forward and remove that blockage from your mindset or your business.  Now, what’s truly special about this is that you get your questions answered, but you also can learn from everyone else’s question on that webinar.  You will learn a whole lot by just listening and watching the webinar, and understanding what everyone else is going through and what blockages the may be experiencing, how they can overcome it from the advice they receive.  Breakthrough webinars are uploaded  onto the portal so that you can watch them on-demand in case you weren’t able to attend, or needed to recap on something that was said.
  4. Access to our Facebook Cohort Group – in this community our clients share their challenges, their frustrations, their systems questions and experiences, their videos, their deliverables, their wins, their sales, their partnerships, the new challenges that they’ve overcome… It’s a great motivator that inspires everyone else to do the same. Those #littlewins and #bigwins really set the momentum for our clients.  We also set tasks and goals for the team – things that are really going to move your business forward in a tremendous way.  These tasks, if achieved by everyone, unlocks a special reward for the entire Cohort – another resource to help drive your success forward.  This is essentially an accountability vehicle – making sure that people are moving their business forever forward, getting them closer to their overall goal.
  5. Accountability Buddies – your buddy will change every single workshop.  From the action list that you created from each workshop, you’ll be holding each other to account, making sure you’re moving and helping each other forward.  You would have regular fortnightly calls for 15 or 20 minutes.  The aim of the call is to make sure you’re both being held to account in completing the tasks that you wrote down from the last workshop.

No, you do not need a business idea before you join Shifts to Success.  In fact, many of our clients have joined the Accelerator without an idea.  They had no idea what they were going to do, but they knew they wanted options beyond the force.  Myself and the team were able to help them come up with new ideas and to help them think differently about business ideas.  We were also able to give them the reassurance they needed about their idea having viability.  This is also why the Ideas day exists – in the Idea’s workshop, we unpack your idea, whatever you may be thinking of, and also give you new ideas.  Extracting your interest and assessing your skill-sets which compliment a business idea is what we want our clients to get out of this workshop.

The reality is that there’s never a perfect time to start a Cohort, and because of that, if you’re thinking about joining us, I would encourage you to do it as soon as possible.  Why?  Because the quicker you gain the know-how, the inside the skillsets on how to produce an additional stream of income to increase and get money into your business bank account, to build a brand a customer base and all the things that you have in business, the quicker you learn and do those things, the quicker you’re going to get to where you wanted to be.

Whether that is going to be going part-time in the police service, resigning from the police service, topping up your pension, being able to spend more time with your loved ones, producing more income because you want to be paid your worth,  to remove yourself from the pressured, stressed environment that the police service may have on you…  Whatever result or goal that you have set for yourself, you’re going to  get there a lot quicker by learning how implementing what is essential in business.

You’re always going to be part of our cohort community, meaning you’ll always have access to the mentors via the Cohort Facebook group.  You’ll also know about the resources that we put in the Facebook group, special Facebook lives and upcoming webinars or future events.  You can also have access to our online portal after your 12 month Cohort journey is finished – this is subscription-based there’s no contract or anything and you can cancel at any time.  Your journey as an entrepreneur or business owner doesn’t just stop after 12 months – business is a marathon, and we’d highly recommend that you still ask questions, you still jump on the webinar, you still book in calls with us, and use the available tools to get you where you want to be in business. If you’re still on the job, you may take a bit of a slower path in building your business and that’s OK.  We’re still there to help.

Absolutely.  We are very flexible with instalment plans, and the reason for this is because we’re dealing with police officers and police officers have a remarkable amount of integrity.  This is awesome and (from a financial point of view) offering instalment plans equips our clients to get sales on the program, which will help them fund the cost of the program (and possibly more).  The knowledge they gain from the program they can’t unlearn, and they’ll have this value to seem them through for the rest of their lives.

It is a common question we get and this is what we’ve done to support our community – on our online portal, we’ve published a recording of each workshop which had taken place.  Every single workshop is on our online portal, so if you were to miss a particular workshop on your cohort (whether that is a council rest day, you’ve got to be in court, or the dog sick), don’t worry, you’re not going to miss a single thing.  It’s all on our online portal which is a part of the Accelerator itself.  If you really want to be in that environment, you can ask to be accommodated on the workshop day on another of the Cohorts, if you’d like to meet the Mentor.

Absolutely!  The Shifts to Success Accelerator is designed to help those start a business from scratch, or to help those who are already in business, to scale that business.  In fact we have a number of case studies (who are already in business) who’ve accelerate their business growth at an alarming rate.  Our support has also enabled existing business owners with solutions to other problems that their established business have come across.

No, there is no need to attend a Success QuickStart Day before signing up.  Some of our clients have joined us without having attended a Success QuickStart day.  But.  I will mention now that we do have a strict selection criteria for who we accept on to a Cohort. 

The reason for this is that we want to make sure we’re a right fit for you, but also that you’re a right fit for us.  We believe that having a selection criteria means that everyone knows where they are and what they need to do in order to get the results that they want from the program.  The Success QuickStart day is also a great day for you to meet the team of mentors, to meet the team, and to understand the journey that you’re about to embark on.  You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with some of our clients on the day, and hear from the horse’s mouth what they’ve been through, the challenges they’ve faced and the amazing highs and wins they’ve had.  If you are on the edge and you just need a bit of reassurance,

then I fully recommend attending the Success QuickStart day.  If you know all you need to know about the Shifts to Success Accelerator, then let’s have a conversation to make that you meet the criteria we have set, and enable you to join a Cohort.

Absolutely.  Police staff are allowed to join Shifts to Success.  In fact, we welcome it.  For those who don’t know my story, I was a special constable and detention officer for Notts police.  We encourage anyone in the wider policing family to join Shifts to Success so that you too can get results you seek. 

Absolutely!  We have our first nurse on one of our Cohorts and we welcome NHS workers, nurses and any support staff employees into Shifts to Success.  We’ll be marketing to you sector soon, so if it’s something you’ve been thinking about, you’re welcome to join right now. 

Nope.  There are no guarantees in life except death and taxes.  No mentor is going to make you rich, no program or accelerator is going to make you rich – the same way that no nutritionist is going to make you slim, no doctor is going to make you healthy.  Ultimately, you’ve got to do the work, you’ve got to take responsibility, you’ve got to stick to the diet, you’ve got to take the medicine.  We’ll give you the pathway, we’ll give you insight and knowledge, we’ll give you all the support and hand-holding we possibly can.  But you’re going to have to do the work. 

So if you’re thinking that joining Shifts to Success is a programme where you’re not going to have to put in the work and still going to see results, then unfortunately you’re not going to make the cut and pass our selection criteria.  In fact, we wouldn’t like to take your money and would rather that you spend that money on a nice holiday or whatever suits your fancy.  Results aren’t guaranteed.  I would honestly run for the hills from any business training or investment company that offered me any sort of guarantee.  There is no such thing.

Yes.  Our Shifts to Success team of Mentors are experts in their respective fields that they teach; that is Ideas, Planning, Branding, Implementation, Products and Sales.  They are each successful within their own areas of expertise, and have a successful business who achieve phenomenal things in their space.  They teach our clients principles, they share insights and knowledge, and many resources in their training of our Cohorts. They also serve their own clients outside of Shifts to Success, and I believe, combined, we’ve helped over 1,000 clients overall.

Yes, we do supply introductions, some of which are actually on our cohorts and would be able to help you on your business journey.  This is communicated in our business services brochure, which we only give to our Cohorts.  On some of those services, we’ve negotiated special discounts and offers so we can actually give more value to you as Cohort members. 

Absolutely.  We’ve changed a number of our clients thinking from a police-institutionalised-thinking to that of an entrepreneur, a business owner.   The environment that our clients are in really helps with this.  We’ve also introduced a mindset coach (which comes at a small additional fee) in case any one has any problems with their mindset, that’s really stopping them from going forward.  But, by just being in our environment, by being in the Cohort and with everyone supporting each other, being surrounded by like-minded aspirational people, that really helps with the entrepreneurial thinking that some of you may be worried you don’t have yet.  It’s important to note that everything can be developed!  If you’re thinking from a police point of view now, just bear in mind that that’s not always a bad thing.

Yes, we do have a supply introduction that will be able to assist you with your business interest forms.  For a small fee, she can help you get that over the line.  There’s nothing to lose as she’ll help you with the appeal process (if it comes to that).  And if you get rejected, you’ll get your money back.  Just so you know, we’ve actually not had any business interest forms rejected.  Yes there are some cases where they have been delays (because we all know what the police is like), but nothing that has been outright rejected. 

Shifts to Success is not an investment teaching company, so no.  We’re a business training company, and the reason we encourage this is to equip you for a wealth cycle.

Property investment needs a substantial amount of capital to invest in properties that will ultimately change your life in a big way.  By building a business first, you gain a lot of income from your business.  You can then use those funds to then invest into properties or any other kind of commercial properties.  You can then get the cash flow and the income from your investments to fund other investments; or to fund your next business.  I like to call this a wealth cycle.  Your business feed your investments and your investments feed your businesses. 

No.  That’s it.  Just no.

No.  We don’t help multi-level marketing businesses for a number of reasons and I’ve done a YouTube video on this if you’d like to know why. 

Great question to ask!  At Shifts to Success, we teach you branding – everything you need to know to get you off of the ground.  It’s one of our steps in our six-step methodology.

How to approach imagery, logos, colour schemes, the naming of your company, straplines, brochures and everything else in regards to branding.  You’ll have the tools to approach your branding with consistency and to make it look awesome.  You will have to use that  knowledge and invest in a design (whether that’s making use of a freelancer, someone you know, or someone you find on Google).  We also have our Brand Mentor who is just remarkable.  She also works privately with our clients at Shifts to Success but this would require your additional investment.  The reality is you’ve got to invest in branding and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.  Do your own research, but if you did want to work with our brand mentor, then her details will be found in our business services brochure when you join a Cohort.


Want to know more?  Book in a call with a member of our team.