Samantha worked for Thames Valley Police for 13 years, but after her second child turned one year old, her husband’s business required him to work away most weeks.  So Sam made the decision to leave the control room and work in the family business.

Sam had suffered from chronic stress past due to the pressure of working nights and caring for two children. She was sleep-deprived, and after her divorce, she was faced with a decision to go back to that environment or set up her own business.

Sam decided to continue her entrepreneurial journey that she had started in 2015 and set up as a self-employed social media manager. In year 2, she turned over £50,000.  She however quickly realised that she did not know how to manage or scale a business properly.

Sam spoke with Robin Waite, one of the mentors at Shifts to Success, and attended a Success QuickStart Day in August 2019. Soon after that, she joined the Shifts to Success Accelerator and started getting serious about the business she had grown. 

Her confidence was at all time low and she was very emotional in the early days but with the mentor’s and her cohort’s support… her strength grew every day!

Since then Sam’s businesses have thrived.  She has:

  • Turned over £75,000 sales at the end of year 3
  • A finalist in the SMBN awards 2020 for the Multi Mixer Award
  • Hired her first member of staff and also supports 4 freelancers
  • Has 250 businesses on her business directory
  • Has over 30,000 social media followers and members
  • Had her first 18k month and is set to scale her business to over six figures

We asked Sam how her life has now changed…

“Shifts to Success has impacted me on so many levels. The portal took me right back to basics and the GSD tasks took me way out of my comfort zone but for the better. My boys have a happier mummy and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Most importantly I have made some like-minded friends for life who are my biggest cheerleaders!

Thank you so much to Cohort 4 & all the mentors.”

Watch our interview with Samantha Poole here:


Jamie Stenton has worked for the police for over 20 years, first as a PC then moved on as a Detective Inspector. 

Due to the pension changes in 2015, wanting more control of his life and wanting to help his mother in business, Jamie decided to join Shifts to Success with no previous business experience. 

Jamie now helps run his family business Lilac James, a digital marketing agency. 

Within such a short period of time (12 months), Jamie has:

  • Systemised the business
  • Gained higher profile clients
  • Increased profits by 215% 
  • Increased product prices by 200%
  • Gained over £100,000 in sales inside 12 months
  • Had the biggest revenue and profit period in the businesses 10 years history

Jamie explains:

“Overall, since joining Shifts to Success we have managed to change the business significantly, successfully attracting a higher level of business, raising prices and improving the services we offer. The business has moved from being in a precarious position (struggling to pay VAT, corporation tax and building refurbishment costs) to one where we are consistently and healthily in profit each month. The future looks very bright, the main challenge now being to manage the growth, rather than getting by”. 

We asked Jamie what has changed for his personally now, since joining Shifts to Success and building/growing a business: 

“I’m now a real asset to the business. I feel capable and competent to advise on a range of strategic business issues not just for my own business but for many others too. I’m immensely proud of how far my knowledge and ability has come in 12 months.  I no longer feel like a one-trick pony with skills that can only be used within the policing profession. I realise that what I’ve learned and experienced within the police is valuable to the private sector. 

I’m also understanding who I am far better.  For a very long time, my identity was attached to my role as a police officer. I was constrained by the limits that role places on you and your opinions.  Since joining Shifts to Success and expanding my life outside of the police, I’ve re-identified with myself to a far greater degree and am quickly learning who I am, what I want and what I’m capable of. 

I also feel more content that my mum will have a sustainable retirement and that I will have options and skills outside of the police service. The biggest impact upon my family is that I can now pass these skills onto my children and encourage an entrepreneurial attitude and development in them. I can guide them through business start-up and assist them far greater with their mindset”.

You can listen to Jamie’s Podcast Interview on the following platforms, or you can reach out to Jamie HERE.


Victoria McDonald has been in the Police for over 12 years as a PC. 

She has had no previous business experience but knew she wanted to seek new opportunities – not so much to leave the police but to give herself a choice if further pension changes were to be made. 

Victoria decided to attend a Success QuickStart Day and wanted to see if she could bring her business idea about interior design to life.

Victoria joined Shifts to Success Cohort 3 and her results have been pretty amazing! 

She is now the founder of Quirk & Colour, an interior design company. 

We asked Victoria what kind of impact joining Shifts to Success has made on her life.  She explains:

“This whole process has given me more confidence in myself and really made me think about what I want from life- and given me the push I really needed to ignore the naysayers and go after what I want”.  

“My mindset has changed in all areas of my life. I began the process as a depressed Police Officer, I’ve now graduated as the owner and founder of an Interior Design business and have been able to come off my depression medication just 8 months in! This is monumental and the knock-on, ripple effect has been immense. And I know that I will maintain and carry this through now into wherever I go from here”.  

“Before joining Shifts to Success I knew what I wanted to do, but it always just seemed destined to be a pipe dream. It seemed too much of a mountain to scale, and I just didn’t know where to start. From the moment I joined the Cohort, I made a promise to myself that I was going to follow the process and that’s how I have achieved what I have. I now make or find the time to read more- and in fact, have read around 20 books since joining! This expands my knowledge and solidifies my mindset. I’ve learned to trust and go with my gut, ignore negativity and put myself first. For the first time in several years, I’m really excited & looking forward to the future.” 

“My family and friends have all noticed my improved mindset and that I’m happier now I’m following my dream. What I’ve been taught and learned means that my time planning and organisation has improved tenfold! My procrastination has decreased dramatically. It has been quite a struggle at times to spend so much time & effort creating and growing a business around full-time shifts. I’ve chosen to cut back on social events, but family and friends have been largely supportive and know that this won’t last forever. They will reap the benefits of a healthier, happier me!”

Not only that, but Victoria has also built a strong personal and business brand, gained customers with no previous experience and has made thousands in sales, in which one of her sales totalled £2,500!

You can listen to Victoria’s Podcast Interview on the following platforms:


Chris worked in the police for 13 years as a PC and a DC. 

After becoming disillusioned with the job and facing the many challenges the police go through (such as demanding stressful environments and family life being impacted), Chris sought the advice of a close friend, Bob, who sadly was suffering from a brain tumour.   

He told Chris, “Do what makes you happy!”  

 With the help of Bob, Chris started to think of a type of business that would make him happy – landscaping!  
Sadly, Chris’ friend passed away and as Chris was lowering his friend into his grave, he made a commitment right there and then, that he was going to really give his business a good go!   

As Chris knew life was way too short!  

Chris then started on his business in his spare time.  He built up his business so he could leave the job and then joined Shifts to Success, Cohort 3! 

Since then, Chris has:

  • scaled business to over £100,000 in sales per year
  • a growing customer base
  • been accepted on Gardeners’ world live 2020 
  • set up successful marketing campaigns 
  • lead a healthier and happier life beyond the police. 

We asked Chris, how his life has now changed?

“Where to start!? The business has grown a lot. The business has achieved £100,000 turnover year-on-year after starting Shifts to Success. It has given me the confidence to tackle anything and push myself out of my comfort zone (FB Live, YouTube, the list goes on!!!) 

I would have never contemplated these things if I hadn’t enrolled in Shifts to Success. I have looked at different avenues I would never have looked at or had the balls to since joining and quite frankly have learnt so much from the mentors and cohort members in this short space of time than I have at any point since starting the business!

My sales, marketing, confidence, everything has improved since joining. 

I do now what I love and have no fear of what may or may not happen thanks to the team. 

I just want people to know that they shouldn’t stick in a job they hate because of the security (like I did for 13 years!).

My wife is part-time, I have 2 young children, I’m the main earner and I did the jump and have continued it on thanks to Shifts to Success. If I can do it with a polo and a few gardening tools, anyone can! 

People said I couldn’t and shouldn’t do it. I did it to prove to myself that I could. That’s the drive I now have which is thanks to that one video I watched around fear and overcoming it by Alex. We only live once. Do what makes you happy”

You can listen to Chris’ Podcast Interview on the following platforms:


Lorna worked for the Metropolitan Police for 15 years, but unfortunately her wellbeing suffered due to the stressful working environments.  

Lorna suffered from chronic stress due to the pressure.  Her weight fluctuated, she was sleep-deprived, she started to develop stress eczema, ultimately leading to incontinence.

Lorna decided that there was more to her life than the police service and decided to start a side business, baking birthday cakes.

She, however, quickly realised she did not know how to run or grow a business.

Because of this, Lorna decided to attend a Success QuickStart Day.

Soon after, she joined the Shifts to Success Accelerator. 

Lorna has since stopped baking cakes and is now the founder of MyOhMy Weddings & Events. 

Since then Lorna’s businesses have thrived.  She has:

  • Made Weddings Sales at £5,000
  • Secured £17,000 contracts for events
  • Won national wedding awards
  • Co-authored a best-selling book
  • Beat her previous salary by now earning above £60,000
  • Has paid off thousands of pounds of debt and is now debt-free

We asked Lorna how her life has now changed…

“Shifts to Success has impacted me on so many levels. The straightforward and deep understanding given to me as part of the course has made the business building path clear. 

By trusting the process and doing the work my business is set up well, set to scale and also represents me and my values. The support and guidance from the mentors has been phenomenal, their desire to see me succeed is almost as strong as my own.  Having an instant reach to various resources is another golden point of the course, without them I’d still be stuck. 

The team we have built on the cohort, the support, the accountability in the community has been amazing. Driving each other every day.

My health, mental and physics are 100 times better, in fact, my mindset has shifted to another level.  I no longer free bound to a salary either, I am free!”

P.S. Reason 101 to join Shifts to Success: If your competition does and you don’t, you’re in trouble 😉 

You can listen to Lorna’s Podcast Interview on the following platforms, or you can reach out to Lorna HERE.


Kellie Wynn worked for Hertfordshire Police between 2001 and 2019. At the time she was a Detective Sergeant having worked on units such as Domestic Abuse and Child Exploitation. 

During her period in the police, in 2016, she was diagnosed with cumulative PTSD. 

Kellie knew she needed to leave the police for the sake of her mental health, but she also knew she wouldn’t leave unless she was self-employed. 

So that is exactly what she did and joined Shifts to Success with no business experience. 

Kellie is now known as the Beagle lady and helps Beagle owners with their dog’s training and behaviour.  

As a result, Kellie’s business has gone from strength to strength.  She:

  • has generated hundreds of leads monthly 
  • has increased prices
  • is making profits which are double her Seargant gross wage
  • has generated thousands of followers on social media
  • has a global audience including USA, New Zealand and India
  • achieved an annual revenue of over £50,000. On her way to £100,000. 
  • has found the perfect work-life balance and gets to spend more time with her family

We asked Kellie, what impact has been made in her life since joining Shifts to Success. 

“The monthly inputs taught me so much about business and how to run a business. Coming from a culture for 18 years where we didn’t even use a web-based computer system meant that I had no clue about technology and how much it can assist me. 

I truly believe if I hadn’t been on the Shifts to Success process, I would have given up on beagle training after a couple of months. I would have got disheartened. 

Also, it has enabled me to meet likeminded people. There is a huge amount of negativity in the police and people don’t really help each other. I was starting to get disheartened with humanity. But Shifts to Success is nothing but positivity and everyone routes for each other. There is no jealousy or stepping on others to get ahead. I love this so much. 

I have lots of confidence now. Something I didn’t have a year ago. I feel I can take on the world and there is no part of me that ever wants to give up on my beagle business. This is for life now. 

I feel like I’m fulfilling my life purpose which is to help people. The policing side of things stopped doing that for me years ago. Whereas now that part of my personality is being fulfilled and I’m truly happy. My anxiety has decreased, and life is good. 

My dad wasn’t keen on me leaving the police. Stable job, pension, etc. He didn’t think working with dogs was a real job. But now he’s my biggest fan he also got a puppy in January and I help him with the training. He said that he has his old Kell’s back. The one who was confident and had a happy go lucky outlook on life. He appreciates that policing was slowly killing me, and he helps out with my dogs when he can. 

My hubby and kid are also so proud of me. My daughter Mya is proud to tell her friends that “My mum works with dogs and is a beagle trainer”. She didn’t really tell them about me being a police officer. In fact, recently one of the mums in Mya’s class contacted me about her puppy because her son had told her about me!

My mental health is all but back to normal. I know how to take care of myself and now I work for myself I can take time off to get it back on track”.

You can listen to Kellie’s Podcast Interview on the following platforms, or you can reach out to Kellie HERE.


Adam Doyle has worked as a PC for 6 years and wanted to earn more income so that he could live a better life. 

Adam wanted to go into business and in fact, had business ideas years before Shifts to Success which never gained any momentum. 

This was one of the reasons why he joined Shifts to Success and Adam is now the founder of Accountable Marketing. 

Since joining Shifts to Success, Adam has:

  • made thousands in sales
  • gained a reoccurring income
  • helped charities with his new business 
  • is now paying off debt he couldn’t previously have done

We asked Adam, how his life has now changed:

“I have made friends and a business support network for life. I am extremely optimistic about going forwards and plan on continuing to grow my business. I am in a much better financial position which in turn has given me the FREEDOM to do more exciting things with my fiancé and friends (as well as starting to hammer off my debts).

I previously had lots of ideas and dreams but lacked the consistency and drive to follow through on them. I would not see results and the idea would fade away. The strongest impact Shifts to Success has had was giving me massive accountability. I have been pushed through healthy competition. Now that I have worked consistently, I am seeing great results which are only improving and that motivates me even more. I now work on my business and it isn’t even a chore. I enjoy the work and the results are self-motivating.

The void that was ‘wanting to start a business’ has become ‘wanting to grow my business’. I am in a much better position financially and I am excited about the future. 

In fact, as a result of joining Shifts to Success, I have got engaged to Debbie.  The financial pressure has been lifted and we have been able to do more exciting things together such as Paris and Rome.  I can afford to take her somewhere nice for her 30th birthday without any strain on my bank!

I have a lot more drive personally and cannot wait to grow the business further. I am looking forward to the future! (And continuing with whatever Shifts to Success has to offer). I have no intention to end my journey here!”

You can reach out to Adam HERE.


Katie Saywell worked for Nottinghamshire police for over 10 years as a PC. 

However, due to wanting a better life and fulfilling her potential, she wanted to go into business but had no business idea or previous experience! 

Katie joined Shifts to Success where we helped her identify her skillsets and helped her come up with an idea. 

Katie is now the founder of The Dogs Code, a specialist Dachshund training company.

Since then Katie has:
  • Established herself as an industry leader
  • Gained thousands of people on social media
  • Won a national award from a Dragon on Dragons Den
  • Made thousands in sales
  • Resigned from the police and has gone into business full time

We asked Katie, how her life has now changed, she explains:

Since joining Shifts to Success, it has given me a different approach to my working life.  It’s given me the capability to start my own business with the most supportive group of amazing individuals and mentors. I have created a business from scratch because I believed and trusted in the journey. 

The strongest impact for me is personal development and realising there is so much more to life. I’ve been given the ability to believe in myself, shifting my mindset to success. Not only that but my personal confidence has grown tremendously.  I am now fully competent in social media marketing, creating videos, doing live streams, speaking to large groups of people and of course making sales for my business which helps solves my customer’s problems. 

All of this has helped me resign from a job and live life on my terms. I am now free to do what I want and there is no looking back”.

You can reach out to Katie HERE.

You can listen to Katie’s Podcast Interview on the following platforms:


Kate Raine has worked in the Police for over 16 years, first as a PC then moving on as a Detective Sergeant. 

Due to the pension changes Kate wanted to ensure her financial future was safe, so she started to look for alternatives. As a result, Kate joined Shifts to Success with no idea of what she wanted to do in business and having no previous business experience. 

Since then Kate has had some remarkable changes.  She has:
  • set up her own company and is now the founder of The Big Question Company
  • a comprehensive understanding of social media and online marketing
  • created and continues to create content such as videos and live streams
  • established her company brand and assets such as brochures, workbooks and training courses
  • spoken to large audiences in the UK about her company
  • made sales in the thousands – her first sale was £4,500 for a large charity

 We asked Kate, how has her life now changed as a result of Joining Shifts to Success:

“Without Shifts to Success, there would be no business. The best thing about it all is the confidence and support it has given me to do something so far out of my comfort zone I did not think it was possible.

It has given me self-confidence, trust in people, a new lease of life and the ability to manage my time better. 

Family and friends have also noticed a positive switch in my attitude and general outlook. I have been off of my anti-depressants for about 9 months which has allowed me to function better. 
Shifts to Success has literally changed my life! I cannot believe the knowledge, skills and support I have received. The mindset shift I have had is amazing and how much you can achieve if you truly believe is what has amazed me.
I literally pinch myself every day that I found the Shifts to Success team!” 
You can reach out to Kate HERE.


Kelly Statham was a police officer for over 10 years. 

Kelly decided to leave the police for the sake of her own mental health, and she wanted to become a better mother to her children. 

Kelly went into business without the support of Shifts to Success and was making a £600 loss every single month within the property industry as an estate and letting agent. 

Kelly realised that she needed support and the correct insights on how to start and scale a business, so she made the decision to join Shifts to Success. 

Within 1 year, Kelly’s business achieved £136,000 in revenue and 18 months on, is now a £250,000 business.

Kelly has won awards, been published in national magazines and more importantly is a better mother and wife. She now spends far more quality time with her family. 

We asked Kelly, what impact has been made on her life:

“I now have a great income, I am much happier and more career-driven. I love getting up and going to work on my business. I’m also more confident in approaching customers. 

I feel the strongest impact is the confidence and guidance Shifts to Success has given me. I have always been told ‘I can’t do things’, but this process has shown me that I can do things, and I will. 

I have learned to believe in myself and to also love myself. Not only that, but I spend more time with my family and feel better for it.”

You can find more about Kelly here:


Rob Holmes was a serving police officer for nearly 10 years, however, Rob’s mental health suffered due to the pressures and demands of the job. 

Rob decided to buy into a franchise business which was within the Martial Arts industry, but he soon realised that he needed help to scale this business.

Rob joined Shifts to Success and was able to put into practice the insights he gained. From this, Rob was able to scale his franchises businesses to £70,000 which allowed him to resign from the police.

Rob has now pivoted to the property industry and started a new business. 

Since joining Shifts to Success, Rob’s business income is over £100,000, his mental health is considerably better, and he is in a much happier place. 

We asked Rob, what impact has been made on his life:

“I left the police for a start! I have no more fear of leaving and fear of what I would do. 

The support and accountability have been amazing. I’ve been pushed to do better, and I have! 

Not only that, but I have more time than ever, my stress levels have decreased, I have a better diet and I am sleeping better which means I am healthier.”

You can. Find out more about Rob here:


Ricky Jones worked for the Metropolitan Police for over 16 years.  Due to certain challenges that arose, Ricky’s outlook on his police career changed and he knew, deep down, that he did not want to remain in the police until his retirement.

Ricky decided he would go into business as a tiler, but he soon realized that he needed to bring some structure and stability to his business. He also felt like he was going from day to day with no real ambition for his business.  He wanted his business to run it more efficiently, which would ultimately help scale his business. 

Ricky was recommended to Shifts to Success by a family friend and he joined the Shifts to Success Accelerator.

We asked Ricky what results he has achieved as a result of working with Shifts to Success so far?  He explains:

“I now have a much more positive mindset and outlook on life itself, knowing that I now have a business that is scaling and that I can be proud of.

  • I’ve gained a lot more confidence and passion for what I do.
  • My business is now turning over £100,000pa.
  • I’ve re-branded into a prestigious brand.
  • I’ve had an increase in leads and enquiries compared to this time last year.

Implementing what I’ve learnt has opened up doors.  It’s enabled me to recognize and to start working with more of my target market, which has resulted in more sales.

I’ve taken on my first employee with a view of taking on a second later this year.

I’ve begun to work with some very well established building and plumbing companies in and around my local area.

I won 2 awards at the start of the year for business of the year “In Town” and a national award for “Home Improvements”. It was amazing to win these!”

We also asked Ricky what is the strongest impact that joining Shifts to Success has made on his life and/or business?

“Wow, where do I start. Since joining, my life has improved so much.  It’s beyond recognition from where I was around 3 years ago and where I was heading. Being a part of Shifts to Success and learning so much has allowed me to re-energise my business, as well as my life as a whole. Shifts to Success is a massive part of the jigsaw that has helped me re-build not only me as a person but my family life as a whole.   

My mindset has changed completely from seeing the negative things in life to actually being a much more positive person and enjoying what I do. 

I’m busier more than ever but because I’ve got certain things in place.  I’ve found I’ve got more time to do the things I want to do with my family which is the most important thing. 

Alex has been such a massive help and inspiration.  The team he has built and the community that I’m now a part of have been such a great help to get me where I am now.

I started my business whilst in the police, but in November 2018 (due to things that had happened in my personal life) I made the decision to leave the police.  I was not in a great place mentally, but the main reason was to save my marriage and my family life.  For a long time before that I had become disillusioned with the job and basically fell out of love with it.

It was a massive decision but all-in-all an easy one because my family are everything to me.

I had an established business so now was the right time to concentrate on that, which in turn allowed me the freedom to live life how I wanted, to be my own boss. 

Even though I’m extremely busy I get to be busy on my terms.  I spend more time with my family which is what I always wanted to do the most.  I can plan my work around my family life, which I was never able to do in the police.  I can go to my daughter’s plays and clubs with her and have weekends away whenever I want.

My freedom has allowed my wife to really concentrate on her career which wasn’t possible when I was in the police due to the shifts, shift changes and not knowing whether I was going to be off on time.

I am completely living a different life now and I couldn’t be happier!”