The Unhealthy Aspects of Shift Work

If there is one thing that comes up the most when it comes to working in the police service, it is working shifts. Body clocks get messed up, routines are hard to develop, and your social life gets put to the back of the priority list. (Not to mention

The pleasure of time with family

This post is for the parents out there or for those who are planning to have children in the future, just like me. I have spoken to many police officers and I always ask them what their problems are and things such a low income, working stressful shifts and

The Pain of Receiving the Wrong Wages

I want to share with you an F.T.E. (F**k This Event) that really frustrated me! Whilst working for the police service I did a lot of things to support them, for example when they were short on staff, I changed shifts to accommodate them, I worked every Christmas and

Treating Yourself With Your Income

We all love treating ourselves. But when was the last time you actually did treat yourself? When was the last time you bought yourself a trip away, a new laptop, golf clubs or a spa day for example? I don’t know what you are in to, maybe it is

Pensions – How To Gain Income Sooner

When I started working for the police service I didn’t trust that the government wouldn’t change things in the future in relation to the pension and because of this, I decided to stop paying into it. Instead, I used that money to build up my savings which went into