There are six key areas that serving and ex-police officers who want a better life for themselves and their families need to build and sustain for a successful business.

They are: Ideas, Planning, Branding, Implementation, Products, and Sales.

Shifts to Success have assembled these six key areas into a one year business accelerator.

On completing this course, you will be able to do a lot more of what you enjoy, more of what you are good at and be much better rewarded for your efforts, both personally and financially.

Over the year each of our highly-experienced business mentors will present a series of live training workshops which, along with an online learning portal providing tools and resources, will help support you in the transition into entrepreneurship. We will ensure that you are provided with accountability, clarity, structure and an environment in which your entrepreneurial ideas are geared towards business success!

The business accelerator is for you if you are just starting out in business or already have a business and want to scale. 

Our goal is to support you in achieving £83,000pa through your business.

You will build a business from scratch in a new industry that you enjoy, work towards financial freedom and choose another way to live your life. 

The total investment for the Police Officer to Entrepreneur Accelerator is £2,997. We have flexible instalment plans available to suit your needs.  

Steven was a PC and left the force 7 years ago. He is now the founder of BIGDaddy PR.

“After leaving the force it took me a while to look for other opportunities and I wasted a lot of my time. I really wish I’d had the Shifts to Success Business Accelerator when I first began in building my business. It really would have saved me, time, money and energy. Knowing what I know now, the Shifts to Success method for building a business provides great stepping stones to success after leaving the police force.”

Kul retired from being a superintendent for 32 years. He is now the founder of Ignite your Inner Potential.

“I know how difficult it can be to adjust to the business world. I wish the Shifts to Success course was around when I left the job so I could learn from people who know what it takes to achieve business success. Instead I took ages and made many more mistakes trying to figure it all out by myself.”

Our Team

Monya Flier

Operations Specialist

Carole Bennett

Enrolment Manager

Daniel Priestley

CEO of Dent Global & Senior Advisor of Shifts to Success

Steven Thompson

Social Media Expert and Ex Police Officer

Robin Waite

Best Selling Author and Business Coach

Sapna Pieroux

Award-Winning Brand Consultant and Design Coach

James White

The UK’s Leading Prospect Conversion Expert

Andrew Priestley

Multi-Award Winning Business Leadership Coach

Timothy Han

Online Marketing Expert and World Renowned Coach

Alexander Seery

Best Selling Author, business coach and founder of Shifts to Success

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