Shifts to Success runs two main events for police officers former and current to become entrepreneurs and discover how to put more money in their bank account, free up more time and live their best life.
Our practical and actionable events are designed to help you move from a place of being stuck and unsure what to do to developing clarity over the best course of action going forward.
Every programme is presented by our Shifts to Success team of experts and mentors (see below).

What program is right for me?

If you’re an ex- or serving police officer and you’re not sure whether you want to make the jump to becoming an entrepreneur or you simply want to find out what options could await you should you decide to leave the police force, the Success QuickStart Day is designed for you.
If you already know you’re committed to building a business either while serving or with the intention of leaving the police force and you want to accelerate your path to building a lifestyle business to give you more money and freedom, the one year Shifts to Success Accelerator program is perfect for you.
Select a program below to discover more.

Success QuickStart Day:

The Success QuickStart Day is where you will get a taste of how you can build a successful business beyond the police force. Each of our highly experienced mentors will give you practical actions to implement so you can take the right steps towards building your very own successful business and living life on your terms.

Shifts To Success Accelerator:

The full and remarkable one-year business accelerator for ex & serving police officers. On completing this course, you will do a lot more of what you enjoy, more of what you are good at and be much better rewarded for your efforts, both personally and financially.

Over the year each of our highly-experienced business mentors will present a series of live training workshops which, along with an online learning portal providing tools and resources, that will help support you in the transition into entrepreneurship. We will ensure that you are provided with accountability, clarity, structure and an environment in which your entrepreneurial ideas are geared towards business success!

The business accelerator is for you if you are just starting out in business or already have a business and want to scale.

You will build a business from scratch in a new industry that you enjoy, work towards financial freedom and choose another way to live your life.

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