ACES: Four Pillars To Help You Make Shifts To Success

We call them pillars because we've got four different ways to support you on our accelertors: These are your ACES....


You need accountability to make sure you act on your business goals. It’s like having people on your side, ‘spotting you’ to keep you on track – and it will help you keep going towards your personal successes.


We understand that business terms can be confusing. We’ll cut through the jargon to help you understand what it’s all about, help you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Don’t feel worried about asking any questions.


Your environment matters, so we carefully select who comes on our course by telephone interview. If you are surrounded by quality course-mates who want more from life and are committed to taking action towards their business goals, it makes everyone feel more energised and motivated to do the same.


We ensure that you are given the information at regular intervals in various formats so that you can understand one area of business before we move onto the next. You get focused sessions for each subject with our mentors, home-learning in bite-sized chunks, online resources and a supportive Facebook community.

Success QuickStart Day:

The Success QuickStart Day is where you will get a taste of how you can build a successful business beyond the police force. Each of our highly experienced mentors will give you practical actions to implement so you can take the right steps towards building your very own successful business and living life on your terms.

Police Officer to Entrepreneur:

The full and remarkable one year business accelerator for ex & serving police officers. On completing this course, you will do a lot more of what you enjoy, more of what you are good at and be much better rewarded for your efforts, both personally and financially.

Over the year each of our highly-experienced business mentors will present a series of live training workshops which, along with an online learning portal providing tools and resources, that will help support you in the transition into entrepreneurship. We will ensure that you are provided with accountability, clarity, structure and an environment in which your entrepreneurial ideas are geared towards business success!

The business accelerator is for you if you are just starting out in business or already have a business and want to scale.

You will build a business from scratch in a new industry that you enjoy, work towards financial freedom and choose another way to live your life.

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