Samantha worked for Thames Valley Police for 13 years, but after her second child turned one year old, her husband’s business required him to work away most weeks.  So Sam made the decision to leave the control room and work in the family business.

Sam had suffered from chronic stress past due to the pressure of working nights and caring for two children. She was sleep-deprived, and after her divorce, she was faced with a decision to go back to that environment or set up her own business.

Sam decided to continue her entrepreneurial journey that she had started in 2015 and set up as a self-employed social media manager. In year 2, she turned over £50,000.  She however quickly realised that she did not know how to manage or scale a business properly.

Sam spoke with Robin Waite, one of the mentors at Shifts to Success, and attended a Success QuickStart Day in August 2019. Soon after that, she joined the Shifts to Success Accelerator and started getting serious about the business she had grown. 

Her confidence was at all time low and she was very emotional in the early days but with the mentor’s and fellow member’s support… her strength grew every day!

Since then Sam’s businesses have thrived.  She has:

  • Turned over £75,000 sales at the end of year 3
  • A finalist in the SMBN awards 2020 for the Multi Mixer Award
  • Hired her first member of staff and also supports 4 freelancers
  • Has 250 businesses on her business directory
  • Has over 30,000 social media followers and members
  • Had her first 18k month and is set to scale her business to over six figures

We asked Sam how her life has now changed…

“Shifts to Success has impacted me on so many levels. The portal took me right back to basics and the GSD tasks took me way out of my comfort zone but for the better. My boys have a happier mummy and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Most importantly I have made some like-minded friends for life who are my biggest cheerleaders!

Thank you so much to all the members & mentors.”

Watch our interview with Samantha Poole here: