Ricky Jones worked for the Metropolitan Police for over 16 years.  Due to certain challenges that arose, Ricky’s outlook on his police career changed and he knew, deep down, that he did not want to remain in the police until his retirement.

Ricky decided he would go into business as a tiler, but he soon realized that he needed to bring some structure and stability to his business. He also felt like he was going from day to day with no real ambition for his business.  He wanted his business to run it more efficiently, which would ultimately help scale his business. 

Ricky was recommended to Shifts to Success by a family friend and he joined the Shifts to Success Accelerator.

We asked Ricky what results he has achieved as a result of working with Shifts to Success so far?  He explains:

“I now have a much more positive mindset and outlook on life itself, knowing that I now have a business that is scaling and that I can be proud of.

  • I’ve gained a lot more confidence and passion for what I do.
  • My business is now turning over £100,000pa.
  • I’ve re-branded into a prestigious brand.
  • I’ve had an increase in leads and enquiries compared to this time last year.
  • I have been able to pay off my mortgage with my accelerated business income.

Implementing what I’ve learnt has opened up doors.  It’s enabled me to recognize and to start working with more of my target market, which has resulted in more sales.

I’ve taken on my first employee with a view of taking on a second later this year.

I’ve begun to work with some very well established building and plumbing companies in and around my local area.

I won 2 awards at the start of the year for business of the year “In Town” and a national award for “Home Improvements”. It was amazing to win these!”

We also asked Ricky what is the strongest impact that joining Shifts to Success has made on his life and/or business?

“Wow, where do I start. Since joining, my life has improved so much.  It’s beyond recognition from where I was around 3 years ago and where I was heading. Being a part of Shifts to Success and learning so much has allowed me to re-energise my business, as well as my life as a whole. Shifts to Success is a massive part of the jigsaw that has helped me re-build not only me as a person but my family life as a whole.   

My mindset has changed completely from seeing the negative things in life to actually being a much more positive person and enjoying what I do. 

I’m busier more than ever but because I’ve got certain things in place.  I’ve found I’ve got more time to do the things I want to do with my family which is the most important thing. 

Alex has been such a massive help and inspiration.  The team he has built and the community that I’m now a part of have been such a great help to get me where I am now.

I started my business whilst in the police, but in November 2018 (due to things that had happened in my personal life) I made the decision to leave the police.  I was not in a great place mentally, but the main reason was to save my marriage and my family life.  For a long time before that I had become disillusioned with the job and basically fell out of love with it.

It was a massive decision but all-in-all an easy one because my family are everything to me.

I had an established business so now was the right time to concentrate on that, which in turn allowed me the freedom to live life how I wanted, to be my own boss. 

Even though I’m extremely busy I get to be busy on my terms.  I spend more time with my family which is what I always wanted to do the most.  I can plan my work around my family life, which I was never able to do in the police.  I can go to my daughter’s plays and clubs with her and have weekends away whenever I want.

My freedom has allowed my wife to really concentrate on her career which wasn’t possible when I was in the police due to the shifts, shift changes and not knowing whether I was going to be off on time.

I am completely living a different life now and I couldn’t be happier!”