Kelly Statham was a police officer for over 10 years. 

Kelly decided to leave the police for the sake of her own mental health, and she wanted to become a better mother to her children. 

Kelly went into business without the support of Shifts to Success and was making a £600 loss every single month within the property industry as an estate and letting agent. 

Kelly realised that she needed support and the correct insights on how to start and scale a business, so she made the decision to join Shifts to Success. 

Within 1 year, Kelly’s business achieved £136,000 in revenue and 18 months on, is now a £250,000 business.

Kelly has won awards, been published in national magazines and more importantly is a better mother and wife. She now spends far more quality time with her family. 

We asked Kelly, what impact has been made on her life:

“I now have a great income, I am much happier and more career-driven. I love getting up and going to work on my business. I’m also more confident in approaching customers. 

I feel the strongest impact is the confidence and guidance Shifts to Success has given me. I have always been told ‘I can’t do things’, but this process has shown me that I can do things, and I will. 

I have learned to believe in myself and to also love myself. Not only that, but I spend more time with my family and feel better for it.”

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