katie saywell

Katie Saywell worked for Nottinghamshire police for over 10 years as a PC. 

However, due to wanting a better life and fulfilling her potential, she wanted to go into business but had no business idea or previous experience! 

Katie joined Shifts to Success where we helped her identify her skillsets and helped her come up with an idea. 

Katie is now the founder of The Dogs Code, a specialist Dachshund training company.

Since then Katie has:
  • Established herself as an industry leader
  • Gained thousands of people on social media
  • Won a national award from a Dragon on Dragons Den
  • Made £6,000+ in monthly sales
  • Resigned from the police and has gone into business full time

We asked Katie, how her life has now changed, she explains:

Since joining Shifts to Success, it has given me a different approach to my working life.  It’s given me the capability to start my own business with the most supportive group of amazing individuals and mentors. I have created a business from scratch because I believed and trusted in the journey. 

The strongest impact for me is personal development and realising there is so much more to life. I’ve been given the ability to believe in myself, shifting my mindset to success. Not only that but my personal confidence has grown tremendously.  I am now fully competent in social media marketing, creating videos, doing live streams, speaking to large groups of people and of course making sales for my business which helps solves my customer’s problems. 

All of this has helped me resign from a job and live life on my terms. I am now free to do what I want and there is no looking back”.

You can reach out to Katie HERE.

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