Jamie Stenton has worked for the police for over 20 years, first as a PC then moved on as a Detective Inspector. 

Due to the pension changes in 2015, wanting more control of his life and wanting to help his mother in business, Jamie decided to join Shifts to Success with no previous business experience. 

Jamie now helps run his family business Lilac James, a digital marketing agency. 

Within such a short period of time (12 months), Jamie has:

  • Systemised the business
  • Gained higher profile clients
  • Increased profits by 215% 
  • Increased product prices by 200%
  • Gained over £100,000 in sales inside 12 months
  • Had the biggest revenue and profit period in the businesses 10 years history
  • Has now resigned from the Police in January 2022

Jamie explains:

“Overall, since joining Shifts to Success we have managed to change the business significantly, successfully attracting a higher level of business, raising prices and improving the services we offer. The business has moved from being in a precarious position (struggling to pay VAT, corporation tax and building refurbishment costs) to one where we are consistently and healthily in profit each month. The future looks very bright, the main challenge now being to manage the growth, rather than getting by”. 

We asked Jamie what has changed for his personally now, since joining Shifts to Success and building/growing a business: 

“I’m now a real asset to the business. I feel capable and competent to advise on a range of strategic business issues not just for my own business but for many others too. I’m immensely proud of how far my knowledge and ability has come in 12 months.  I no longer feel like a one-trick pony with skills that can only be used within the policing profession. I realise that what I’ve learned and experienced within the police is valuable to the private sector. 

I’m also understanding who I am far better.  For a very long time, my identity was attached to my role as a police officer. I was constrained by the limits that role places on you and your opinions.  Since joining Shifts to Success and expanding my life outside of the police, I’ve re-identified with myself to a far greater degree and am quickly learning who I am, what I want and what I’m capable of. 

I also feel more content that my mum will have a sustainable retirement and that I will have options and skills outside of the police service. The biggest impact upon my family is that I can now pass these skills onto my children and encourage an entrepreneurial attitude and development in them. I can guide them through business start-up and assist them far greater with their mindset”.

You can listen to Jamie’s Podcast Interview on the following platforms, or you can reach out to Jamie HERE.