Bill had worked in the police for nearly 20 years.  He supported his wife Emma in their existing business, A – Z Animal Care, a pet grooming business.  They had been looking for mentorship for their business for some time.  They were doing okay but felt that the business could be better with the right guidance and support.

Bill was also beginning to struggle with his role in the police – there were many changes happening in the force that affected him, change which he had little control over.

Bill dreamed of a future where he could have choices regarding his future.  He wanted to be around and help Emma more in their business, but the business needed to be able to support them both financially for this to ever become an option…

Bill took our Scorecard Quiz which he came across on Facebook.  He had been having a few bad days at work, so he decided to attend our Success QuickStart Day.

And well, the rest is history!  Bill did his research about Shifts to Success and saw an opportunity to build the future he always wanted.  Bill and Emma joined the Accelerator, and in March 2021, Bill has finally resigned from the job and runs his own businesses full time.

We asked Bill how his life has changed:

“I have become a more positive person. I no longer worry about the future as I feel I have control of it.  In the Police I was surrounded by negative people who talked about the same topics over and over… It was a negative environment. I used to be called Eyeore, but that has disappeared!

Shifts to Success personally gave me something to concentrate my energy on and slowly changed my mindset. I have become more positive and found a new passion. Business! 

In business, Shifts to Success has helped us to grow our business. But, this has been done by shrinking the business and making it more efficient and profitable. The Accelerator has shown us to stop trying to be everything in our business and to outsource to get things done. 

I have made some amazing mindset changes too. I will now speak to people on the phone and complete sales calls. I listen to lots of business podcasts and business books. 

Emma and I no longer procrastinate on things in business or in our home life. When we have an idea we go out and get it done, where as before it wouldn’t happen. 

Along side Emma’s business I now have my own business, Facebook page, Facebook Group, YouTube channel and Podcast is coming soon. I don’t see barriers anymore.

We are also now investing our savings instead of letting it fester in a normal savings account , doing nothing. 

Joining Shifts to Success has had a big impact for me personally. I feel much more positive and my mental health is starting to recover. When I left the Police, a weight lifted.  I was no longer chained to an organisation that I didn’t respect. I now have more time to spend with my family.

Emma and I now achieve what we put our minds to. We have our vision board and we are ticking it off bit by bit!”

You can listen to Bill’s Podcast Interview on the following platforms, or you can reach out to Bill HERE.