Adam Doyle has worked as a PC for 6 years and wanted to earn more income so that he could live a better life. 

Adam wanted to go into business and in fact, had business ideas years before Shifts to Success which never gained any momentum. 

This was one of the reasons why he joined Shifts to Success and Adam is now the founder of Accountable Marketing. 

Since joining Shifts to Success, Adam has:

  • made thousands in sales
  • gained a reoccurring income
  • helped charities with his new business 
  • is now paying off debt he couldn’t previously have done

We asked Adam, how his life has now changed:

“I have made friends and a business support network for life. I am extremely optimistic about going forwards and plan on continuing to grow my business. I am in a much better financial position which in turn has given me the FREEDOM to do more exciting things with my fiancé and friends (as well as starting to hammer off my debts).

I previously had lots of ideas and dreams but lacked the consistency and drive to follow through on them. I would not see results and the idea would fade away. The strongest impact Shifts to Success has had was giving me massive accountability. I have been pushed through healthy competition. Now that I have worked consistently, I am seeing great results which are only improving and that motivates me even more. I now work on my business and it isn’t even a chore. I enjoy the work and the results are self-motivating.

The void that was ‘wanting to start a business’ has become ‘wanting to grow my business’. I am in a much better position financially and I am excited about the future. 

In fact, as a result of joining Shifts to Success, I have got engaged to Debbie.  The financial pressure has been lifted and we have been able to do more exciting things together such as Paris and Rome.  I can afford to take her somewhere nice for her 30th birthday without any strain on my bank!

I have a lot more drive personally and cannot wait to grow the business further. I am looking forward to the future! (And continuing with whatever Shifts to Success has to offer). I have no intention to end my journey here!”

You can reach out to Adam HERE.