After a long career of 23 years with the police, James left to pursue a future of being his own boss.

Never having worked for himself before, James realised that he was lacking certain business skills to help him succeed.

James happened to find Shifts to Success through a Facebook Advert.  He felt relieved to find the exact support he needed and decided to join Shifts to Success, and it’s a decision he’s never regretted making.

We asked James how his life and his business has changed since joining Shifts to Success:

“The goals I’m setting and the results that I’m getting have been exponentially brought forward by the help and support from the team at Shifts to Success.

Even though I was already in business and doing something that I love, I am now getting paid to do it and I consider this my biggest #win.

The service I provide is now better too.  It’s much more streamlined which frees up more of my time.  I am much more organised, even more focused and I’m achieving better results and enjoying the quality of life I had started my own business for.”

Since joining Shifts to Success:

  • James’ business income has exceeded his police wage (and is still growing);
  • He has redefined his service and works with a bespoke and structured plan, enabling him to achieve greater results for his customers;
  • He has defined his niche which gave laser focus to his branding and ideal audience, ensuring he’s attracting ideal customers who he prefers to work with;
  • He has increased his prices and has made more sales than before; 
  • He is getting more reviews and referrals coming from current and former customers.

“My initial consultation is more polished and professional, and with my new structure, I’m able to carry that professionalism through my entire customer’s journey.

With the extra spare time, I have been able to make time for hobbies, going to the gym (getting fit) and seeing friends and family (without having to seek permission from anyone else).  My time is my own, and when I work, I am consciously aware I am working on ‘my vision’, and not someone else’s.

With the Shifts to Success community, as well as the excellent structure of how it is run, I am surrounded by like-minded individuals who are also taking charge of their own lives, whilst offering help and support to each other. It is an amazing team!

My outlook on life is excellent, and with each passing day it gets even better.  I am happier, healthier, and much more fulfilled.”


You can listen to James’ Podcast Interview on the following platforms:  Episode #65 – Constable to Counsellor and Impacting Lives with James Taylor