Jacklyn worked for Durham police for 19.5 years but unfortunately, over those years her health and mental health deteriorated.

Jacklyn has been on anti-depression medication for 12 years due to the job, had developed IBS due to that stress, and also her asthma had gotten worse.

Jacklyn decided that enough was enough and there was more to life than the police especially when her health was impacted negatively, so she decided to join Shifts to Success.


Since joining Shifts to Success Jacklyn has:

– Become the founder of ‘From Nana C With Love’

– Has gained Sales and profits from her new business starting from scratch

– Resigned from the police

– Came off anti-depression medication after 12 years

– Her IBS has gone

– Improved her asthma

– Bought a new family caravan being paid for by her business.

Jacklyn explains:

“It is amazing to see when I compare who I am now, to who I was when I was in the police. I actually took a selfie when I was in the job, where I worked two days overtime and had a canceled rest day with a quick return to work with only a few hours of sleep. I was exhausted and I nearly crashed because I was that fatigued.

Now however everything has changed, I love the freedom and flexibility I have and I actually feel excited to work on my business each day instead of feeling dread as I did in the police. Not only that but my physical and mental health has drastically improved.

I want to say a thank you to everyone at Shifts to Success, I couldn’t have done this without you.”