Laura & Jack met as special constables, where Jack went on to become a regular, and Laura continued on with her career path in animal nutrition…

However, they both wanted an opportunity to build a better life, such as gaining financial independence, doing what they want, when they want, building/buying their dream home, and producing solid foundations for their future family…

Because of this, they joined Shits to Success and they have achieved some amazing things…

– Founded Lazy Days Garden Services, with no prior experience or knowledge.

– Gained £42,000 in sales in their first year trading, all whilst working full time in their jobs.

– They are on track to double their first-year sales and become VAT registered at £85,000.

– Have several 5-star reviews from their customers

– Gained their largest sale to date from one customer – £16,000

– Jack has now gone full-time into the business as of May 2022 and Laura is to do the same in the coming months.

– They both now have more confidence and bravery, to just “Go for it” in life and business.

We asked Laura & Jack, what impact has been made in their lives since joining Shifts to Success…

“We’ve always had huge ambitions, going on long country walks and walking past our dream houses always saying to each other ‘we’ll have a house like that one day’. We figured starting a business was going to be a way to achieve that. We started exploring business ideas but we didn’t have the skills and support to even know where to start. 

We knew Alex from police special training school so knew about Shifts to Success, and we sent off  for a free copy of the book. After reading that, we then had a meeting and decided to sign up… From then on we were hooked and raring to go. 

Our first ideas revolved around food and drink but they didn’t sit right, and then Alex suggested gardening on a 1-2-1 call – we both love the outdoors and agreed this was what we would go with. We followed the portal and the processes, which eventually led to us registering Lazy Days Gardening Services Ltd in May 2021. 

From then on and following the constant advice from Shifts to Success, we ‘make the sale and figure out how to do it later’.

Although we feel like we’re constantly ‘winging it’, Shifts to Success has given us the confidence and bravery to take on challenges knowing we’re surrounded by an amazing support network.

Shifts to Success has also created the opportunity for us to work together as husband and wife 🙂

Overall the business has given us more control over how we spend our time. We’ve found it’s essential to separate personal and business time too. We’re so excited about what the future holds”.