Joining Shifts to Success with your Spouse or Business Partner

We are often approached by both romantic partners and business partners wanting to join the Shifts to Success Accelerator as a team. The usual question that follows is “do we have to pay double?”

The answer is no.

We do not charge a full price for the second member in your team. Shifts to Success reduces the Accelerator investment for your partner to 50% of the usual Accelerator fee. Even though you’re in the same business, and possibly in the same household, the 50% would apply.

Let me explain why…

At Shifts to Success we have many ways of mentoring and coaching you towards your goals in business – such as through our live online masterclass events, our online portal, our approved accountability coaches and our private Cohort Facebook community where we have all our Cohort members and our team of Mentors and Advisors.

As these are resources, they not only cost money to run, but also the have a cost on time for our team. So even though you’re in a partnership (whether romantic, business or both) it is double the commitment from Shifts to Success.

Furthermore, we are equipping individual people with the skillsets and insights to start and scale a business that they will have for a lifetime. In the event your future goals for your business or your partnership changes, you will both still maintain all the insights and learnings gained from Shifts to Success.

To chat with one of our team about our Cohort Enrolments, click HERE to get in touch.

– Alexander Seery

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