How You Can Change Your Finances and Change Your Life Beyond the Police

I want to share with you a simple but remarkable tip that can help transform your life for the better.

But first, why am I sharing this tip?

I speak to many of my friends still working in the police, and the majority of them want to be their own boss and go into business, but they do not know what to do in order to gain the results they want.

There are also ex and serving members of the police who are already in business, but it is a complete drain on them – they can’t find customers and they are finding it is really tough to scale their business.

This is why educating yourself with specialised knowledge is very important so that you know what to do in the most efficient way possible, without spending too much of your resources (such as time, money and energy!)

But of course, to educate yourself with specialised knowledge there is an investment required and there are many top-quality educators out there. (There are also, some get-rich-quick of educators too – avoid these at all costs!)

How can you afford to educate yourself and gain the specialised knowledge you need to change yours and your family’s life WITHOUT the need to compete for another job?

Getting another job such as a train driver is not going to do it!  The simple tip is to look at your bank statements and look at what you are spending money on.

Below is a short-list of things that I, my friends and my family have saved money on. You’ll be surprised at the outcome!

Wifi / TV Packages – Recently I rang Virgin and canceled my TV package with them as Netflix is far cheaper. They were able to adjust my price, from £55 down to £20 per month. Total yearly saving: £420

Gym Membership – My partner was paying for £45 for a gym membership she did not use! Total yearly saving: £540.

Coffee’s – A friend realised she was having a Costa or Starbucks coffee every week day which costs around £4. She stopped doing this and now saves which is £1,040 a year!

Takeaways – A family member loves a good Chinese takeaway on a Friday night, but realised this is a big chunk of change. He was spending around £30 on each takeaway, but has now stopped this and is now saving £1,560 a year.

Utilities – When was the last time you re-negotiated with your gas and electric supplier? We did this at the start of the year and it turns out we’re saving £440 per year!

Insurances – When looking through our bank statements we discovered I was paying £11 per month on gadgets.  The only thing is, I sold these gadgets a long time ago! Total yearly saving £132.

In total that is a whopping £4,132 in annual savings by just simply checking your bank statements and making a few decisions around your finances.

I haven’t even touched on holidays, dining out, social events, fashion, tech and gifts, where even more could be saved.

Although these things are SO EASY to save money on, they will require some delayed gratification.

You may need to sacrifice some pleasures for a year or two.

But would you rather:

1. Carry on being broke, living payday-to-payday, wishing for your rest days to come around quicker, hoping the government doesn’t screw your pension over again, wishing for your annual leave to be accepted, missing special family time, dealing with job-related stress and staying in a job you deep down know isn’t for you anymore, all the way up until retirement? (When you will probably have to find yet another job.)


2. Cut back on a few things, re-negotiate with some suppliers, make a huge saving within your new choices, invest that income into your future (specialised knowledge) so that you can finally start to work towards living a new life – one that is more exciting, more rewarding personally and financially and something you control 100%.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but if you’re unhappy right now then option 2 may be the better option.

Before I leave you to enjoy your weekend, I would encourage you to take a look at your bank statements and just take a peek on what you can save money on.

Could it be insurance? Gas? Electrics? Water? Wifi? TV packages? Loans?  Credit card fees? Interest charges? Food? Household spending? Transport? Coffees? Dining out? Social events? Takeaways? Holidays? Gadgets? Gifts?

If you do this, I know it will have a profound effect on your finances, which can free up some money to maybe pay off some debt or invest in your future.

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