7 Reasons to Not Quit on Your Business

Sometimes it gets so tough you just want to throw in the towel and quit!

However, it is those that persevere and persist when times are hard, that gain the freedom, choice and the results they want in their lives. 

In this weeks Beyond the Force Friday email, I am sharing with you my personal 7 reasons for not quitting on your business…

1. Prove the doubters and naysayers wrong

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to see you succeed in life beyond the police. Some will hope you give up. So instead of proving the doubters and naysayers right by quitting on your dreams, instead, inspire them by your dedication.

2. Your reason why

Think about the reason you started your business in the first place! Was it to have more time with your family? Was it to make a positive change in the world? Was it to spend more time with your husband or wife?

Whatever your reason why is, hold it close to you, because if you decide to quit, you’re not only quit on yourself, but you also quit on your reason why!

3. You’ll die wondering 

You’ll never know what would have happened if you stuck it out. You know what happens if you give up — you end up right where you started. Looking back on your life you’ll always wonder “What If?” and that is a horrible thought to have. Live without regrets! 

4. The cost of quitting is far greater than sticking it out

No matter how high a price you’ll pay to keep going, the price of abandoning your dreams carries the greatest cost.

Not only from a mental point of view but also from a financial point of view. When life hits you with a huge bill, you’ll always be Just Over Broke, because you gave up on achieving financial success.

5. You set a bad example

Quitting becomes a habit and each time you quit you ingrain deeper into your own mindset that you are a quitter. Not only that, but you set a bad example to those closest to you; that it is okay to quit on your aspirations, dreams and goals when times get tough.

Just remember there may be people looking up to you, so what example are you setting?

6. You’re closer than you think

Sadly, many people give up not realising that success is right around the corner. Failing and rejection are built into success. They cannot exist without the other and trying just one more time could be the break you’re finally looking for.

7. Quitting is not fun 

If you quit on your goals, dreams and business success then you’ll end up working in a job that you don’t really want to work in, just to earn a salary, to buy shit and escape away on holidays to take your mind off the fact you are a slave to that very salary.

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