Business & Marmite

I want to talk about Marmite!

You see, whether you’re a police officer looking to go into business or you are already in business looking to scale, it is vital, that understand this one principle…

If you cater to everyone, you cater to no one! 

We live in the attention economy and if you are to please everyone with your message or business you will please no one! 

Let me explain… 

At Shifts to Success, we support ex and serving police officers to build successful businesses. 

Our mission is to, empower the entrepreneurial heart in police officers so that they can live life on their terms with more income time and passion. 

Now, we do not cater for everyone. Our message is clear and speaks to police officers. 

People, either love what we do or HATE what we do…

One police officer even told me to jump in the sea once upon a time when we first launched!! 

But this is a good thing…


Because do you know what’s worse than people that dislike you? 

People that don’t have an opinion about you!! 

Let’s look at Marmite… 

They actually care about you hating them!! 

They even advertise this fact and people straight away will tell you whether they love it or hate it! 

One thing not many people will tell you is if they are unsure. 

Here are some other examples from our very own clients at Shifts to Success:

Katie Saywell – Founder of The Dogs Code – Katie’s business focusses on Dachshund dog training and that is what she is VERY well known for. 

She does not cater to everyone. 

People either love dachshunds or hate them!! (Sad but true – How the hell could you hate a Dachshund)

But that is one of the reasons why Katie is doing so well! 


Lorna Reeves – Founder of MyOhMy Weddings – Lorna’s business specifically supports LGBTQ+ couples, to create and plan the luxury, bespoke weddings of your dreams.

She does not cater to everyone. 

People either love what Lorna is doing or hate what she is doing. 

Again, this is one of the reasons why Lorna is doing so well! 

Here are some other examples: 

Martin Luther King Jr. – People loved him and people hated him. 

Adolf Hitler – People loved him and people hated him. 

Mother Theresa – People loved her and people hated her. 

President Donald Trump – People love him and people hate him. 

So here is the point…

STOP trying to please everyone and be proud of what you, your message and your business is about. 

Be proud that some people will hate what you do!! 

This will ensure when you do start to your business, grow your audience, and turn them into customers, they are the right ones for you!! 

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