Can You Afford to go Into Business?

“I can’t afford to go into business”.

This is not only a common thing I hear from cops, but also family and friends, despite them disliking/hating their jobs.

It doesn’t take long to uncover why they “Think”, they cannot afford to go into business.

– Starbucks / Costa Coffee daily

– New iPhone with contract

– Holidays

– TV packages

– Energy drinks daily

– Subscriptions that aren’t needed

– And generally unnecessary crap

All of the above adds up and dilutes your financial resources.

You can gain all of the above back long term after you sacrifice them short term.

Here are 3 entrepreneurs, who started off with limited financial resources:

– Sir Richard Branson started off with £300 as a student.

– Peter Hargreaves started off with £500.

– JK Rowling Started off living off benefits!


Here are some superstars from our cohorts who started off with limited financial resources:

– Lorna Reeves, was in debt, went into business, made sales and now is debt free – Also now left the MET police.

– Laura Wright – Pulled equity from her family home by selling it to go into business. Has now left the police making £100,000 in sales!

– Kelly Marie Statham – Started off in business making a £600 LOSS!! Now produces over £130,000!

– Katie Saywell – Started off with limited financial resources, is now generated an additional income stream, making sales like a beast and building up a strong client base.

– Ross Little – Started selling old stuff in his garage, and went into debt, but has secured a sale contract in 3.5 months, bringing in £9k which he is now able to pay off.

– Yvonne James – Started off with limited financial resources, has now increased her prices, making sales and now has opportunities to partner with big brands!

(There are more too!) – Cops, selling their bikes, horse trailers, etc, to allow them to go into business and change their lives.


Here is the thing, resourceful opportunities appear after you initially get resourceful. Never before!

Once you have made a commitment initially, the more opportunities come your way.


Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource!

You CAN afford to go into business and change your life, it’s just a matter of priorities.

Ask yourself, If you can get something from nothing, what can you get with something?

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