Why Police Officers Make Great Entrepreneurs


When thinking about leaving the police, so many officers look at their skill sets and believe that they have not got much to transfer into something else…

So they get “boxed in” to apply for certain job roles… (Or hop around the police, hoping to find the perfect position).

I get it, not everyone wants to go and become a train driver or work for some kind of security firm…

Competing for a job position, many others are applying for…

Again, making it much harder to change your lives.

Although certain job roles may not be as stressful as the police and you may get paid more, the reality is, a job is a job…

You still have shift work, you still have policy, you still have to manage your life around the job, you still get an allowance of annual leave, you still have a boss, you still have a cap on your income, you still get dictated by a job and you still put your future in someone else’s hands…

Yet, only if you realised you already have remarkable skill sets, that you use regularly throughout your career in the police, which successful entrepreneurs have developed too…


A lack of communication internally or externally can lead to the collapse of any business. Without proper marketing, most businesses will struggle to survive.  Communication can also lead to productivity, which helps avoid delays in the execution of amazing entrepreneurial ideas. Police officers communicate ideas and plans with their colleagues and the public on day-to-day basis whilst on duty, ensuring that key information is articulated well.



Assertiveness can take you far in the business world as it describes how you defend your interests. Assertive business leaders can create a compelling vision, perform business strategies and clearly define objectives and service quality standards. Being assertive also inspires your team, enabling you to gather support and create alignment, so that everyone moves in the same direction.

Problem Solving:

Being an entrepreneur is essentially about problem solving. Finding problems in the market and solving them with products and services. Every problem is an opportunity to grow your business, come up with innovative ideas and solutions. Whether you’re in the police or in business, you are problem solving. The only difference is that in business, you are solving problems that highly reward you for your efforts.



Police officers have an incredible ability to bounce back after encountering difficulties on duty and this unique skill of mental toughness is a phenomenal tool in the entrepreneurial business world. Resilience enables police officers who are in business to move through hardship, be bold, humble and ultimately reach success. It is a quality that police officers have already developed throughout their years of service.


Team working:

Entrepreneurship is a team sport. You must work with a team to help you move closer towards your goals and business mission. Policing is no different.  Police officers work in teams to get a desired outcome from a particular job. Sharing the same vision of that job and even pulling in additional resources such as police staff. Great things in business are not just accomplished by one individual person. They are accomplished by a team of people and policing is the same.



Police officers have the ability to influence non-compliant offenders and manage stressful situations, including dealing with objections. This skill is key in business because it supports selling environments, enabling you grow your business and make a positive impact with your customers. It is also a powerful tool when it comes to negotiation, delivering a win-win solution for all parties.


The general public does not have these skillsets!

This gives you a huge advantage.

Utilising these valuable skillsets and building a successful business, will reward you highly, not only in income but the freedom and options you have as an entrepreneur.

– Taking your kids to school and picking them up.

– Not worrying about the dreaded bills.

– Not working weekends, if you chose.

– Building your own team.

– Making an impact and helping other people.

– Never miss a special moment with your families, such as school plays, birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.

– Building a customer base who love what you do for them.

– Financial success.

– Knowing that you’re leaving a legacy for your family.

And so on.

So, instead of working overtime, climbing the “employee/police ladder” or hoping a piece of paper (CV) will land you a new job, you really don’t want anyway but apply for because of limited options…

Think about your valuable skill sets and just how remarkable they are, just like our Cohorts are doing.

Unfortunately, the Police Organisations, do not appreciate you for the amazing people you are…

Quite frankly, they take the absolute piss!

However, at Shifts to Success, our mission and why is to establish higher valuations to be placed on police officers lives… Your lives!

We are not anti-police, we are PRO-YOU!

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