Meet Kelly…

Meet Kelly.

Kelly is an ex-police officer.

Kelly left the job after she decided there was more to life.

A crappy wage.

Missing special moments with family.

Constant stress.

Little in career advancement.

When Kelly left the job to go into business, she was doubted.

People told her “She would be back in the job in no time”.

Kelly went into business with no prior experience or knowledge.

Her business started to make a loss.

No profit.

She soon discovered business life was much more complex and difficult without the correct guidance.

She didn’t really know if she was doing the right things in business.

She faced these problems:

1. Spending unnecessary money.

2. Wasting precious time doing the wrong things.

3. Draining her energy in business doing the wrong things.


Kelly joined Shifts to Success Cohort 1 in April 2018.

In 7 months Kelly is producing over £100,000 from her business.

She is now passionate about her business.

She is solving her target markets problems.

She has 3 team members.

She now spends more time with her family.

Kelly’s supportive husband Kevin Statham has now left his job too.

They are both now Free.

Kelly’s entire family is now free.

She put in the work.

She followed the process.

No excuses.

She did whatever took.

As now she can do whatever she wants.

She bounced back after micro failures.

Committed to her vision.

She now lives life on her terms.

Congratulations Kelly we are all very proud.

#£100kclub #Cohort1

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P.S. Kelly will be speaking at our Success QuickStart day on January 14th 2019, sharing her entrepreneurial journey.

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