Convenience or Success for Police Officers

So this is a little bit of a well done to a certain few people and police officers. Also at the same time a kick up the ass for others.

So now and then we get the question,

“When are Shifts to Success coming to London?  When are you coming to Scotland?” I would love to come if you were close!”

Now I get it, this can be a few hours travel for you to attend,

But let me ask you a question, are you putting your convenience ahead of your conviction?

Because if you are, your chances of success are slim.

You see successful people put their conviction way ahead of any convenience.

I find it amazing how other police officers can fly in from Scotland and ex-officers from Tunisia and others who drive from the south coast to attend out events and yet others only take action when it is convenient for them.

Being in business there are lots and lots inconveniences, from travelling and to dealing with challenges and obstacles, so if you’re one of those people that only take action when its convenient for you, then I would personally advise you stay in a job. Because business will not be for you.

Many people are limited on time due to other things going on, life isn’t always convenient and yet it’s those who push on any way that ends up getting the better results in life and business.

Too many people who remain unhappy, simply wait too long for shit to happen. But you have to realise, no one is coming to rescue you. You have to show up, and do whatever it takes.

Waiting for everything to be perfect, for everything to line up and waiting for convenience isn’t a good way to go about things especially if you want freedom beyond the job.

You’ve heard that quote right? “Good things come to those who wait?”  Well, it’s BS, good things come to those who go out and put their conviction first.

I remember I was doing educational business programme’s whilst I was working full time in the job, plus I was building my business and all the other challenges that come with life.

Was that convenient? No. But yet I put my conviction first to build a business because I knew that sooner or later, the inconvenience of being dictated by a job would be replaced with the freedom of a business.

You see life, time and opportunity don’t wait for anything or anyone. It passed by regardless, so why wait?

So next time, you think about doing something that is inconvenient… Ask yourself, which is more important for positive change in my life? My conviction or my convenience?

Because I can assure you, by putting your convenience first now, you will face many more inconveniences later down in life, especially if you’re unhappy with your job.

I hope this has helped and made some mindset shifts. If you’re one of those people who put their conviction first then click HERE check out our Success QuickStart Day!

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