Victoria McDonald has been in the Police for over 12 years as a PC. 

She has had no previous business experience but knew she wanted to seek new opportunities – not so much to leave the police but to give herself a choice if further pension changes were to be made. 

Victoria decided to attend a Success QuickStart Day and wanted to see if she could bring her business idea about interior design to life.

Victoria joined the Shifts to Success Accelerator and her results have been pretty amazing! 

She is now the founder of Quirk & Colour, an interior design company. 

We asked Victoria what kind of impact joining Shifts to Success has made on her life.  She explains:

“This whole process has given me more confidence in myself and really made me think about what I want from life- and given me the push I really needed to ignore the naysayers and go after what I want”.  

“My mindset has changed in all areas of my life. I began the process as a depressed Police Officer, I’ve now graduated as the owner and founder of an Interior Design business and have been able to come off my depression medication just 8 months in! This is monumental and the knock-on, ripple effect has been immense. And I know that I will maintain and carry this through now into wherever I go from here”.  

“Before joining Shifts to Success I knew what I wanted to do, but it always just seemed destined to be a pipe dream. It seemed too much of a mountain to scale, and I just didn’t know where to start. From the moment I joined the Accelerator, I made a promise to myself that I was going to follow the process and that’s how I have achieved what I have. I now make or find the time to read more- and in fact, have read around 20 books since joining! This expands my knowledge and solidifies my mindset. I’ve learned to trust and go with my gut, ignore negativity and put myself first. For the first time in several years, I’m really excited & looking forward to the future.” 

“My family and friends have all noticed my improved mindset and that I’m happier now I’m following my dream. What I’ve been taught and learned means that my time planning and organisation has improved tenfold! My procrastination has decreased dramatically. It has been quite a struggle at times to spend so much time & effort creating and growing a business around full-time shifts. I’ve chosen to cut back on social events, but family and friends have been largely supportive and know that this won’t last forever. They will reap the benefits of a healthier, happier me!”

Not only that, but Victoria has also built a strong personal and business brand, gained customers with no previous experience and has made thousands in sales, in which one of her sales totalled £2,500!

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