Rob Holmes was a serving police officer for nearly 10 years, however, Rob’s mental health suffered due to the pressures and demands of the job. 

Rob decided to buy into a franchise business which was within the Martial Arts industry, but he soon realised that he needed help to scale this business.

Rob joined Shifts to Success and was able to put into practice the insights he gained. From this, Rob was able to scale his franchises businesses to £70,000 which allowed him to resign from the police.

Rob has now pivoted to the property industry and started a new business. 

Since joining Shifts to Success, Rob’s business income is over £100,000, his mental health is considerably better, and he is in a much happier place. 

We asked Rob, what impact has been made on his life:

“I left the police for a start! I have no more fear of leaving and fear of what I would do. 

The support and accountability have been amazing. I’ve been pushed to do better, and I have! 

Not only that, but I have more time than ever, my stress levels have decreased, I have a better diet and I am sleeping better which means I am healthier.”

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