Mark walsh

Mark has been a police officer for over 10 years.  The pressures of the police made him feel he wanted more choices in his life, and so he looked to start his own business. 

Mark shared with us:

“For a long time, I couldn’t see a future in the Police.  I felt I was working to live day-to-day in an environment that was saturated with negativity.  The further I got into my police career, the further I sank closer to a breakdown, until one day it happened.”  

While off work with complex PTSD, Mark started to explore options outside of the police.  He knew he couldn’t police for many more years and that he needed a change.

“I knew that I desperately didn’t want to return to my old life in sales and work for someone else. I also knew that I had a lot of life experience, sales skills and such, that could be translated into business but I didn’t quite know or have the confidence to do so.

Whilst I was off work, my father died from Cancer, and I watched him shrivel into the shell of the man he was, wishing he had done so much more with his life. I decided there and then that I would never be that person.

Whilst I was off work, I was googling all sorts and I think I searched something like ‘entrepreneur police offer’ which also happened to be similar to Alex’s book. 

The Shifts to Success website came up and I did as much research as I could on Alex, his clients, and his process. Being a cop, I even contacted some of the members to make sure it was real and not a scam!

Once I had satisfied myself that Shifts to Success was a real thing, I started to listen intently to their podcasts.  Part of my recovery routine was to be out in nature, walking, every morning and it was at this time that I would listen and digest all the lessons, ideas and stories. I found that the more I listened, the more I felt that I could (one day) be one of those people that makes the break.”

Mark joined Shifts to Success in August 2021 and launched his business “The Lawnologist“.

Since launching his business, Mark has:

  • Designed packages that encourage people to pay him upfront.
  • Generated sales of £7000 in 8 weeks, part time;
  • Created a great amount of networking opportunities;
  • Received recommendations from existing customers;
  • Achieved 100% 5-star google reviews; 
  • He alleviated his PTSD;
  • Resigned from the police, allowing him to run his business full time and live life on his terms; and
  • Is debt free.

Mark shared with us: “I’ve started a business that in the first 2 months of trading had exceeded my police wages. Of course, I am reinvesting the money into the business, but it has allowed me to focus on a life away from the police. I love the prospect of being at home when it counts, to have Christmas with my children and wife, not to have to beg to for leave. To me, to be that content and free is real success.”

We asked Mark what kind of impact joining Shifts to Success has made on his life.  He explains:

“As soon as my business made its first sale, I felt I had a future that was going to be brighter that the path I was currently on.

My PTSD symptoms have lessened.  I feel lighter in myself and I am far happier, albeit far busier then ever. 

I am now the husband and father that I always yearned to be. 

My marriage has improved and we are closer than ever.  My sons are excited and want to be part of the business.

I have a whole new outlook on life.  I have self-worth.  I have learnt to invest.  I have made 

amazing connections and friends with Alex and the team. I feel like a business owner!”