Lorna worked for the Metropolitan Police for 15 years, but unfortunately her wellbeing suffered due to the stressful working environments.  

Lorna suffered from chronic stress due to the pressure.  Her weight fluctuated, she was sleep-deprived, she started to develop stress eczema, ultimately leading to incontinence.

Lorna decided that there was more to her life than the police service and decided to start a side business, baking birthday cakes.

She, however, quickly realised she did not know how to run or grow a business.

Because of this, Lorna decided to attend a Success QuickStart Day.

Soon after, she joined the Shifts to Success Accelerator. 

Lorna has since stopped baking cakes and is now the founder of MyOhMy Weddings & Events. 

Since then Lorna’s businesses have thrived.  She has:

  • Made Weddings Sales at £5,000
  • Secured £17,000 contracts for events
  • Won national wedding awards
  • Co-authored a best-selling book
  • Beat her previous salary by now earning above £60,000
  • Has paid off thousands of pounds of debt and is now debt-free

We asked Lorna how her life has now changed…

“Shifts to Success has impacted me on so many levels. The straightforward and deep understanding given to me as part of the course has made the business building path clear. 

By trusting the process and doing the work my business is set up well, set to scale and also represents me and my values. The support and guidance from the mentors has been phenomenal, their desire to see me succeed is almost as strong as my own.  Having an instant reach to various resources is another golden point of the course, without them I’d still be stuck. 

The team we have built on the accelerator, the support, the accountability in the community has been amazing. Driving each other every day.

My health, mental and physics are 100 times better, in fact, my mindset has shifted to another level.  I no longer free bound to a salary either, I am free!”

P.S. Reason 101 to join Shifts to Success: If your competition does and you don’t, you’re in trouble 😉 

You can listen to Lorna’s Podcast Interview on the following platforms, or you can reach out to Lorna HERE.