Kellie Wynn worked for Hertfordshire Police between 2001 and 2019. At the time she was a Detective Sergeant having worked on units such as Domestic Abuse and Child Exploitation. 

During her period in the police, in 2016, she was diagnosed with cumulative PTSD. 

Kellie knew she needed to leave the police for the sake of her mental health, but she also knew she wouldn’t leave unless she was self-employed. 

So that is exactly what she did and joined Shifts to Success with no business experience. 

Kellie is now known as the Beagle lady and helps Beagle owners with their dog’s training and behaviour.  

As a result, Kellie’s business has gone from strength to strength.  She:

  • has generated hundreds of leads monthly 
  • has increased prices
  • is making profits which are double her Seargant gross wage
  • has generated thousands of followers on social media
  • has a global audience including USA, New Zealand and India
  • achieved an annual revenue of over £50,000. On her way to £100,000. 
  • has found the perfect work-life balance and gets to spend more time with her family

We asked Kellie, what impact has been made in her life since joining Shifts to Success. 

“The monthly inputs taught me so much about business and how to run a business. Coming from a culture for 18 years where we didn’t even use a web-based computer system meant that I had no clue about technology and how much it can assist me. 

I truly believe if I hadn’t been on the Shifts to Success process, I would have given up on beagle training after a couple of months. I would have got disheartened. 

Also, it has enabled me to meet likeminded people. There is a huge amount of negativity in the police and people don’t really help each other. I was starting to get disheartened with humanity. But Shifts to Success is nothing but positivity and everyone routes for each other. There is no jealousy or stepping on others to get ahead. I love this so much. 

I have lots of confidence now. Something I didn’t have a year ago. I feel I can take on the world and there is no part of me that ever wants to give up on my beagle business. This is for life now. 

I feel like I’m fulfilling my life purpose which is to help people. The policing side of things stopped doing that for me years ago. Whereas now that part of my personality is being fulfilled and I’m truly happy. My anxiety has decreased, and life is good. 

My dad wasn’t keen on me leaving the police. Stable job, pension, etc. He didn’t think working with dogs was a real job. But now he’s my biggest fan he also got a puppy in January and I help him with the training. He said that he has his old Kell’s back. The one who was confident and had a happy go lucky outlook on life. He appreciates that policing was slowly killing me, and he helps out with my dogs when he can. 

My hubby and kid are also so proud of me. My daughter Mya is proud to tell her friends that “My mum works with dogs and is a beagle trainer”. She didn’t really tell them about me being a police officer. In fact, recently one of the mums in Mya’s class contacted me about her puppy because her son had told her about me!

My mental health is all but back to normal. I know how to take care of myself and now I work for myself I can take time off to get it back on track”.

You can listen to Kellie’s Podcast Interview on the following platforms, or you can reach out to Kellie HERE.