Kate Raine has worked in the Police for over 16 years, first as a PC then moving on as a Detective Sergeant. 

Due to the pension changes Kate wanted to ensure her financial future was safe, so she started to look for alternatives. As a result, Kate joined Shifts to Success with no idea of what she wanted to do in business and having no previous business experience. 

Since then Kate has had some remarkable changes.  She has:
  • set up her own company and is now the founder of The Big Question Company
  • a comprehensive understanding of social media and online marketing
  • created and continues to create content such as videos and live streams
  • established her company brand and assets such as brochures, workbooks and training courses
  • spoken to large audiences in the UK about her company
  • made sales in the thousands – her first sale was £4,500 for a large charity

 We asked Kate, how has her life now changed as a result of Joining Shifts to Success:

“Without Shifts to Success, there would be no business. The best thing about it all is the confidence and support it has given me to do something so far out of my comfort zone I did not think it was possible.

It has given me self-confidence, trust in people, a new lease of life and the ability to manage my time better. 

Family and friends have also noticed a positive switch in my attitude and general outlook. I have been off of my anti-depressants for about 9 months which has allowed me to function better. 
Shifts to Success has literally changed my life! I cannot believe the knowledge, skills and support I have received. The mindset shift I have had is amazing and how much you can achieve if you truly believe is what has amazed me.
I literally pinch myself every day that I found the Shifts to Success team!” 
You can reach out to Kate HERE.