Chris worked in the police for 13 years as a PC and a DC. 

After becoming disillusioned with the job and facing the many challenges the police go through (such as demanding stressful environments and family life being impacted), Chris sought the advice of a close friend, Bob, who sadly was suffering from a brain tumour.   

He told Chris, “Do what makes you happy!”  

 With the help of Bob, Chris started to think of a type of business that would make him happy – landscaping!  
Sadly, Chris’ friend passed away and as Chris was lowering his friend into his grave, he made a commitment right there and then, that he was going to really give his business a good go!   

As Chris knew life was way too short!  

Chris then started on his business in his spare time.  He built up his business so he could leave the job and then joined Shifts to Success.

Since then, Chris has:

  • scaled business to over £100,000 in sales per year
  • a growing customer base
  • been accepted on Gardeners’ world live 2020 
  • set up successful marketing campaigns 
  • lead a healthier and happier life beyond the police. 

We asked Chris, how his life has now changed?

“Where to start!? The business has grown a lot. The business has achieved £100,000 turnover year-on-year after starting Shifts to Success. It has given me the confidence to tackle anything and push myself out of my comfort zone (FB Live, YouTube, the list goes on!!!) 

I would have never contemplated these things if I hadn’t enrolled in Shifts to Success. I have looked at different avenues I would never have looked at or had the balls to since joining and quite frankly have learnt so much from the mentors and members in this short space of time than I have at any point since starting the business!

My sales, marketing, confidence, everything has improved since joining. 

I do now what I love and have no fear of what may or may not happen thanks to the team. 

I just want people to know that they shouldn’t stick in a job they hate because of the security (like I did for 13 years!).

My wife is part-time, I have 2 young children, I’m the main earner and I did the jump and have continued it on thanks to Shifts to Success. If I can do it with a polo and a few gardening tools, anyone can! 

People said I couldn’t and shouldn’t do it. I did it to prove to myself that I could. That’s the drive I now have which is thanks to that one video I watched around fear and overcoming it by Alex. We only live once. Do what makes you happy”

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