Catherine Thompson worked as a Detective with Leicestershire Police for around 13 years.  Catherine loved this role for the first 8 years, but a lengthy stint in the Domestic Violence unit made an impact on her which left her suffering severe depression.

In 2018/2019 Catherine started to work on a sideline franchisee business running CSI themed events.  Things went so well that she decided to resign and pursue her business fulltime.

Then COVID hit and all events were cancelled…

While her Franchise owner’s plan was simply to wait it out, Catherine kept working on a concept and devised a home investigation game that she would sell online.

Catherine was already in business when she joined Shifts to Success.

Catherine says:  “This basically formed the reason for joining Shifts to Success… I was feeling pretty used and abused – firstly by the police who literally want to work people into their grave then by the franchisor who had no business acumen but wanted to claim credit for my product once she had seen how well it was received. I was still very new and naïve in business and liked the idea of a helpful community who wouldn’t always be looking to see what they could get from me.”

“I’m pretty sure I followed a jobs for ex-police Facebook page where Alex did regular posts. I saw the offer for a free copy of his book and requested one. It took me months to get around to reading it but once I did a few things resonated and I decided to reach out. Ironically it was Covid and my growing frustration at the lack of a plan from the franchisor that led me to the programme, I was in the process of writing my first game when I spoke to Alex & wasn’t sure if it would work….His advice in that call turned out to be 100% accurate just a couple of months later!”

Since joining Shifts to Success, Catherine has:

  • developed and marketed 3 games which has brought her over £100,000 of sales
  • provided job opportunities for 4 freelance individuals
  • been able to donate regularly to Anthony Nolan, an amazing charity very close to her heart

We asked Catherine how  her life has now changed:

“By the time I joined I had already launched game one and seen huge success but the whole thing felt like a runaway train. I was working 18 hour days producing the elements on three printers running simultaneously in my kitchen. After doing a little light stalking of some of the mentors and success stories, I decided to take the jump and trust that help was out there. It was a pretty big leap of faith for me having had any kind of trust I held in people repeatedly destroyed over the last few years.

It’s been pretty lifechanging to be honest. With the support of Lorna and others in the group I finally began to feel in control of my business. Being able to bounce ideas around and take advice from folks who have been there has been worth its weight in gold. The most valuable thing which has really restored my faith in humanity is how freely the information is given and that its shared with a genuine interest and intent that it will assist rather than there being any ulterior motives.

The most incredible thing is the confidence I now have in running my own business and the decisions I make on a daily basis. When I left the police I was pretty close to rock bottom which no faith in myself or other people. This couldn’t be any more different for me now, I still regularly seek advice from the group and feel like the me I was 10 years ago!

In all honesty, I’ve never worked more hours or harder than I have since starting my entrepreneurial journey, but its also been a very long time since I felt happier and more content in my work. I love working on my own terms and being able to plan family and friends time whenever I want. Its also incredibly satisfying regaining my confidence and sense of well-being, something I’m grateful for every single day.

The first and biggest result was taking advice from the group and outsourcing various elements of the games. This took me from having to work 18 hour days down to a mere 10 hours or so which is huge. Just having other successful businessfolk to bounce ideas off has changed and opened my mindset allowing me to continually evolve the products I offer. The group is made up of so many diverse businesses that I have begin using services I didn’t even know existed a couple of years ago – I had graphic designers making up evidence sources for me, a videographer shooting scenes for online video evidence sources, marketing folks creating adverts for me and I have also completely outsourced my accounts which has always been a headache area for me. Through the programme I have also learned how to invest the profits I have made which I will thank myself for in the future when Im sitting on a beach somewhere plotting more murders!