After 15 years in the police, Mark felt he had been left broken.

He had two prolonged period of illness relating to his mental health, a direct result of the environment of which he was working within.  

Mark felt he was totally stressed out, struggling to cope with daily life, and frustrated as he thought he had no options for his future other than to stay in the police.

“I was no longer the person I was before and this was impacting not only on my health but the lives of my family around me. My young kids would innocently refer to me as “grumpy daddy” or be asking my wife “why is daddy always tired?” .  This was the final straw and I realised something had to change.”

Mark found out about Shifts to Success by pure chance. 

“I was absent from work and actively seeking options to get me out of the police, to start a new chapter in my life.  I saw Shifts to Success mentioned on a Facebook group.  I did some more research and found Alex’s book which I read and set me away on my journey.

As a result of finding out about Shifts to Success, I started to realise that I did have options, and that with the right support and guidance I could take back control of my life, be healthy and happy doing something that I enjoy.”

Mark joined Shifts to Success in July 2019 and since then he:

  • has started a profitable business from nothing, 
  • is regularly matching his police wage each month but working less hours,
  • has gained a large social media following,
  • is working with clients from around the world,
  • has gained a network of friends and business support, and
  • has gained business skills and knowledge that he could use to set up new businesses in the future.

“Since becoming part of the Shifts to Success family, I have a network of like-minded people who are all on the same journey and will actively offer you their help and support. This is something that I’ve never been a part of or experienced in my life previously. 

The mentors are at the top of their game within their own industries.  Most importantly, they are normal people who go over and beyond what is expected from them. If you do the work,  then they will support you all the way!! The mentors have taught me how to build a business, life skills and how to develop my overall mindset.

Within 18 months I left the police and started a profitable business and living life on my terms. I feel my health is improving daily and being there to support my family is the best feeling ever.  I am now there to support my family not just financially but more importantly as a dad and a husband. 

 This has been my biggest #win.”

Watch Mark tell his story here:

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