Leanne Jones

Leanne Jones is a serving Police Sergeant, serving for 20 years.  She knew she wanted more from life and didn’t want to live paycheck to paycheck, or to have a boss dictate what she could and couldn’t do, until she retired.

Leanne knew she wanted to achieve something meaningful with her life, something she could be proud of.  Something that would  add value to the lives of others and leave behind a legacy.

She started by simply googling “millionaire police officer” and came across THIS Shifts to Success Podcast episode by Alexander Seery.  Leanne decided to take a step forward and reached out and booked a call with Shifts to Success.

Leanne started working with Shifts to Success in June 2020.  She has since founded “Braver Women”, a coaching and therapy company specifically for LGBTQ+ women.  Leanne is on a mission to create a brave army of LGBTQ+ women to take up their space in the world and live without the fear of judgment that holds them back.

Since joining Shifts to Success, Leanne has:

  • Doubled her income and feels she is finally getting paid her worth;
  • Been published in a leading UK LGBTQ+ magazine;
  • Built a global LGBTQ+ community and has hundreds of followers;
  • Developed great confidence in being able to serve her community; and
  • Structured a plan to grow her business from start-up to £100,000 per annum.

We asked Leanne, how her life has now changed:

She says, “Working with Shifts to Success helped me realise that what I had been dreaming about for the year prior to joining, could actually now be possible. I started to take on a different identity of someone who was positive and forward thinking, rather than someone who was working towards a pension and old age with not much in between. 

My mindset started to focus on opportunities and successful living, rather than being stuck in a rut like everyone else around me was. I suddenly realised that my life and my entire existence was about to change and this is the type of change that I had been wanting for a very long time. 

In less than a year in business and without the business fully taking off in terms of a website or full social media exposure, I have generated £10,000 for a  bespoke, one to one service that I have been offering.  I now have a company that operates globally and I am now a confident public speaker.  I have been asked to headline on a speakers summit and a guest of many podcasts worldwide. I have hundreds of videos and testimonials of women all around the world, thanking me for helping them to change their lives.  

I have grown in confidence and no longer minimise myself. I recognise my own self worth and value what I have to offer the world as being special. Having come from a very dysfunctional and abusive childhood, I have gone from surviving and just getting by, to thriving. 

I am an active role model for many LGBTQ+ women in the world who have struggled to overcome trauma, anxiety and low self confidence. Many are absolutely inspired by my own personal story of bravery and courage to take control of my life and use the adversities that I have experienced as a huge vehicle for my own change, but also to really use the emotional acuity and skills of being able to read people to become a confident coach, rapid change-work therapist and hypnotherapist. 

I now network with other entrepreneurs worldwide and have new goals to match the outlook on life that I have, which is now to take action on your dreams, because that is the only way they will ever become reality. 

Dreams are for dreamers, results are for committed action takers. I have been asked to mentor in other areas of business for other entrepreneurs in the field of anxiety recovery and I am pioneering a business that has previously not ever been available for my niche market. I am trailblazing for LGBTQ+ women and quickly establishing myself as an expert and role model. I have international high ticket clients, some of which are in hugely influential, professional roles. 

I am proud to be serving a community that is close to my heart and particularly underrepresented in terms of advocates and role models. I am able to use all of the skills, setbacks and adversities that I experienced with my own life journey to improve the quality of life for other LGBTQ+ women who I teach my own blend of coaching to alongside some very powerful, life changing, therapeutic techniques.”

You can listen to our Interview with Leanne here: