Jo Bridge has just recently retired (July 2021) from the police after 25 years of service.

Jo is now a full-time Alpaca farmer living life on her terms.  As a hobby alongside her police role, Jo started her Alpaca farm with five Alpacas back in 2012.

Jo was already in business when she joined Shifts to Success.

“I wanted to make my business a success and after attending a QuickStart Day, I felt that Shifts to Success really understood what I wanted to achieve for my business.”

Since joining Shifts to Success, Jo’s business has grown and expanded into an international business.  Hilly Ridge Alpaca’s exports Alpaca’s as well as international sales of pregnancy scanners into Europe and the UK.

Jo focused her development and learned everything there is to know about Alpaca’s, so much so that she’s now 1 of only 11 Judges able to asses these beautiful animals.

Since joining Shifts to Success, Jo has:

  • perfected her Alpaca Experiences, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction ratings
  • increased her prices which helped increase her revenue
  • exceeded a turnover of over £125,000 this year (2021)
  • been able to spend more time with her children and grandchildren

We asked Jo how her life has now changed:

“I’m making money , I have retired from the Police and have my life back. My business makes people smile!  What could be better than that ?!

My turnover exceeded £125,000 this year reinforced a feeling of success, and that there is life after the Police.

My family are proud of what I have achieved and this makes it all so worthwhile.

I now have a positive mindset and since retiring from the Police, I’m living life on my terms.  It feels great. I feel that I can achieve anything.

I’m even about to take my business in another direction and start business venture number 2.  With the skills I have gained from Shifts to Success, I know exactly how I’m going to do it.

I can look back and reflect that Shifts to Success was able to give me the directions, skills and focus to make my business grow. It changed my thinking and gave me a positive mindset.

I had the entrepreneurial spirit and drive, but, like pieces of a puzzle, I needed them all to begin to fit together to make my business succeed.  This was the biggest change for me and Shifts to Success helped me achieve that.

The biggest impact of being in the Shifts to Success community was their structure, focus, positivity and support.

The Team of Mentors showed me how to structure my business, what to focus on and what to stop wasting my time on.  I’m thankful for them helping me to focus on building sales and revenue, and to stay positive when things get tough.

You will have bad days, and when you do, and you feel you’re falling, the Team is there to pick you up and set you back on the path again.

I believe that without this support, many ideas and businesses will simply fail.

My business before Shifts to Success lacked structure.  I wasn’t focused on what I needed to do. I now have a six-figure business that is growing and I have a target to double that turnover next year.”

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