David & Stacey BRICE

David & Stacey’s story began within the walls of the police service, where David served as a Police Constable and Stacey worked in the Control Room. 

Both had encountered financial strain and job-related stress and yearned for a better work/life balance for themselves and their three teenage children.  They shared a burning desire for financial independence along with the freedom to shape their own future.

Determined to turn their dreams into reality, they researched how to build a business online and turned to Shifts to Success for help. 

With guidance and support, they started their entrepreneurial journey and are now the founders of ‘Celtic Barks’, a business centred around their passion for Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

David, leveraging his background and love for the breed, became the lead trainer of Celtic Barks. He devoted himself to mastering canine behaviour and training, offering invaluable mentorship and accountability to their clients. Meanwhile, Stacey took charge of essential administrative tasks, ensuring smooth operations behind the scenes.

Within just 4 months, their own dedication and help from the Shifts to Success team, the business began to yield results and they started generating over £5,000 in sales per month. 

They have generated 100’s of leads monthly and are looking to increase their prices already which will increase their revenue.

Their commitment to excellence translated into 5-star reviews on social media platforms from their customers, solidifying their reputation as Staffie Behaviour Specialists.

Reflecting on their journey so far with Shifts to Success, David and Stacey had this to say:

“We have a massive gratitude for the Shifts to Success team for the transformation and support we’ve experienced. Alex and the team are truly dedicated to helping our dreams become reality. The guidance and advice we have received has been invaluable, propelling us toward greater heights than we ever thought possible.

We now have the freedom to prioritise our family and personal milestones and feel like we are satisfying our life purpose which is helping people and their families. We look forward to what the future holds for us!”

With each win, they have gained confidence in their ability to carve out a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones. Their outlook on life is now marked by a sense of fulfilment fuelled by the knowledge that they are building something meaningful.

Beyond financial success, David and Stacey cherish the connections they’ve forged within the entrepreneurial community, especially with the Shifts To Success team.

As they continue their journey with S2S, David and Stacey remain unwavering in their determination to pursue their goals. Their success story stands as a testament to their passion and perseverance in business.

Watch the interview with David and Stacey to hear more about their business and what it took to get there: