Business Costs

Before you go into business it is important to consider the costs that may be involved in starting your business, before you’re able to produce any income from it. Here is some insight into the common costs for you to prepare yourself and your business for. The good news

Can You Afford to go Into Business?

“I can’t afford to go into business”. This is not only a common thing I hear from cops, but also family and friends, despite them disliking/hating their jobs. It doesn’t take long to uncover why they “Think”, they cannot afford to go into business. – Starbucks / Costa Coffee

The Truth About Passive Income

The truth about “passive” income: 1. Passive income does not come from mealy building up a property portfolio or setting up some affiliate links to sell some Amazon products. Passive income only comes AFTER a tonne of hard work. The thought of money pouring in without you having to

Police Pension vs Police in Business

You might want to grab a coffee for this one and a biscuit! Below I have listed two options; working in the police as a PC and going in business. For simple terms, I have not included any tax. Also below, I have even given option 1, working as

Why Police Officers Make Great Entrepreneurs

  When thinking about leaving the police, so many officers look at their skill sets and believe that they have not got much to transfer into something else… So they get “boxed in” to apply for certain job roles… (Or hop around the police, hoping to find the perfect