Does your brand mean business?

As you probably know by now, at Shifts to Success we help our police and NHS clients to develop six-key steps within their business journey… Ideas Planning Branding Implementation Products Sales Today, I want to talk about No.3 – Branding! Branding is so much more than a fancy logo or a

Fixed or Growth Mindset

Recently, a police officer said to me that he was not a natural salesperson, which was stopping him from going after his dreams and launching his amazing idea…I asked him,“Were you a natural Police Officer before you came a police officer?”“Of course not” he replied… “Well, just like you

Business & Marmite

I want to talk about Marmite!You see, whether you’re a police officer looking to go into business or you are already in business looking to scale, it is vital, that understand this one principle…If you cater to everyone, you cater to no one! We live in the attention economy and