Fixed or Growth Mindset

Recently, a police officer said to me that he was not a natural salesperson, which was stopping him from going after his dreams and launching his amazing idea…

I asked him,

“Were you a natural Police Officer before you came a police officer?”

“Of course not” he replied…

“Well, just like you learned the skills on how to become a police officer, you can learn to be a great salesperson for your business”

Then his mindset shifted…

You see, sometimes we get in our own heads when it comes to trying something new. 

We forget that every professional was once an amateur.

We forget every successful person was once unsuccessful. 

And there was a point in your life when you could not walk as a baby.

But yet, when we decide to go after our dreams, goals and aspirations, we forget all that we have achieved and the skills we have gained.

You may believe that your skills are fixed. 

If this is you, then you’re operating from a fixed mindset.

If you believe that your skillsets are fixed you will never reach the level of success you want in business and perhaps in life. 

You see, all skillsets CAN be taught and people who are successful in life know this! 

This is typically how the two mindsets talk to you, when you want to go after a goal… 

Fixed Mindset – “I really want to launch my business idea, but I don’t know how, so I will just wait” 


Growth Mindset – “I really want to launch my business idea, but I don’t know how, however, I will learn how!”

I would encourage you to operate from your growth mindset. Just like every successful people you and I know. 

So what, you may not be a natural sales person… Learn how!

So what you don’t know how to develop a product… Learn how!

So what you don’t know how to run a marketing campaign… Learn how!

Learn, just how you learnt to become a police officer! 

The time in your life will pass anyway so you may as well learn the skills that are drastically going to change your life for the better.

This is why having business mentors and coaches are important. 

They can drastically shorten the amount of time for you to develop your successful skills. 

There is nothing worse than complaining about your situation in the job when you have 100% control of your life. 

Complaining has a 0% return. 

My colleagues in the job are still complaining about the job, playing the lottery and hoping that their pension won’t be affected again, whilst also asking for more overtime, trading time for money. 

If you want to a life like that, that is okay, but If you are reading this far into this email, I would say deep in your gut you really don’t want that. 

You know deep down you want more from life. 

You know the difference between what you are getting currently, and what you deserve!

So next time you get a vision of a more rewarding life, just know, you have everything already inside you to make the positive changes you need. 

If you don’t believe in your own ability, then believe in my belief in you, until your belief kicks in. 

You’ve got this! 

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