5 Skillsets Police Officers Can Use to Build a Business

“Alex, what skillsets do you think I have that I can use to build a business?

So that is a great question, that came through not too long ago so I thought I would share with you 5 skillsets that you already possess by being a police officer which can be easily transferred into building your very own successful business…

and pay very close attention to the last skillset as that is truly special!

And before I begin, you may not value these skillsets as you use them so often, but they will be essential for your success in building your own business!

The first skillset is communication!

As a police officer, your communication skills are pretty amazing. You communicate with fellow colleagues, the courts and the public on a regular basis!

Now a lack of communication internally and externally can lead to the collapse of any business. Without proper marketing, most businesses will struggle to survive. Communication also adds to productivity such as dealing with suppliers, customers and team members, which actually helps avoid delays in the execution of your ideas.

As a police officer you have built this skillset over the years and to be honest, not many people in the general public can communicate as well as articulate their plans, ideas so well.


 The second skillset is problem-solving!

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. We find problems within a market and we help solve them for a select target market. Also not to mention solving problems within your own business when they arise.

As a police officer you solve problems on a regular basis, whether that is dealing with a warrant, the courts, public order, fraud, burglary’s, Breach of peach, a detainee in custody or just about any other area of policing!

Again with this skillset you as a police officer already possess, which is essential in business because that is what you will do on a regular basis, solve problems and with this comes an opportunity to grow your business, come up with new ideas and even products. As well as moving you through the challenges of business much quicker.


The third skillset is Team Working:

In business we typically start as a solo-preneur, however, if this carries on too long, it can be damaging for your business!

Entrepreneurship is a TEAM sport, from building your own team in sales, operations and finance to building a power team of suppliers and distributors.

Well policing is the same, you work in a team to ultimately get the desired outcome you want from a particular job. You share the same vision of that job and pull in resources when needed from different team members, with delegation. As well as working with police staff, special constables and CPO’s.


Great things in business are never done by one individual person, they are done by a team of people and I think you would agree, policing is the same.


The Fourth Skillset is Resilience

As a police officer you have the incredible ability to bounce back after encountering difficulties on duty, whether that is dealing with the public, the courts, PSD or the government… And this unique skill of toughness will go very far in business as an entrepreneur.

As amazing as being your own boss is, things go wrong from time to time and when this happens it is often those without the skill of resilience that find it hard to get back on track.

Resilience enables you to move through hardships and become better in the process. Learning from those hardships so that you can refine your approaches to certain tasks and plans. Transferring this skillset into business will be somewhat seamless.


The fifth skillset is Selling

I know what you are thinking, you probably haven’t sold anything yet. Well, let me challenge you on that.

You see you have sold before, maybe not in exchange for money. When you are dealing with non-compliant members of the public, you are essentially influencing and persuading those members to get your desired outcome and by any means, that is selling.

You are selling those members to take a specific action that not only will help you, but it will also help them!  And in business, this is what also happens.

Selling is all around you in your day to day job in the police. Not only with members of the public but also with supervisors, with the custody sergeants, with detainee’s and even in your job interview in becoming a police officer.

So those are the 5 skillsets that will help police officers in business.

I hope this video has helped and gave you a bit of confidence in your ability to build a successful business one day and if you are interested in doing just that, you can click on the link HERE to check out our next Success QuickStart Days.

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Monica Barton
Monica Barton

This video made so much sense and although i am not a Police officer, I work as an NHS Manager and believe I also possess these 5 transferable skill sets. Due to sickness i was unable to attend todays workshop in Birmingham so would be very grateful if you could please let me know future dates for your workshops.
Kind regards
Monica Barton